August 28th
and September 11th, 2014 at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)

There is so much time …
There is so much of what we call time, in which to learn how the energetics of our lives determine everything! If time is really a fluid state, is not fixed and is infinite in all ways, then it is the vessel that supports everything that we want to understand …. in the vessel of time we see how all of our thoughts and feelings dramatically affect our bodies. As we become masterful at managing this shifting energy flow, we ultimately start to manage our lives from the depths within.
This generates a revelation of our purpose in life, and ultimately the cultivation of our passion and revealing of prosperity in every possible form. (Health, love, financial, employment)
We can all sense that our lives are changing. We know this to be true. We have spent years studying, reading and attending workshops. And yet, the everything that we want is still a concept.. We can only bury the truth for so long before the truth rises through the pain, fear and confusion ….
Let’s connect the dots … the answer to our quest, the way in which we will put all of the pieces together, is through feeling.
We will FEEL our way into the answers. More than we will ever think our way into them.
Life and opportunity are not outside us…they are not generated externally!
We are the potential and the opportunity that we seek. We are MADE of opportunity and potential!
As we spend our “time” and effort looking for these things we are actually separating ourselves from that which we already are!
We can’t arrive at a destination that we are seeking. We are already there!
Through seeking we spend a lot of energy looking for something that we actually have.
By dropping into our own core we know and see this. Our hearts lead … we trust our guts , and the impulses that we are made of rise up and out of us.
But this message is often different from what we thought about life, and what we think that we ‘should’ be doing. The confusion around this causes us to hesitate and to miss what which we really are.

Come together, let’s cultivate the flowing wave of nature that we are!Experience the expression of divine self through tools designed to hold the inner and vast expression of the truth of ‘you’ in this external world. Join me for this teleclass. Anatara

The free teleclass is Thursday August 28th !

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  1. As I will be ‘leading’ this Teleclass in harmonny with my co-host Kiala, I have some insight about how powerfully simple the movement into the cahnges we seek can be! Join us, there is a message here for everyone!

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