Part 6  in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work: The Law of Polarity – what goes up, must come down…

This law defines one of life’s greatest challenges: how to live harmoniously, in balance, in the midst of such polarity…. Life, in its way is a Divine Paradox, how does a psychic respond to the phenomena of birth and death, pain and laughter, love and fear… all in the same reading, all extremes of the same truth, opposite sides of the same coins… Yet it is through the experiencing of these polarities that we are able to define ourselves and our world, and therefore to grow within it.

“This law expresses the dual nature of things… vibration creates polarity (ie opposite movement). The physical world comes packaged in pairs of polar opposites to ensure that we recognize reality when it shows up. The stuff of the physical world is defined by, and takes identity from, that which it is not – its antipode. Only then can it be apprehended or wrapped in language. This is the Yin and Yang of Eastern cultures.

All of creation – its forces, energies, and matter – animate and inanimate, is based upon the principle of gender (positive/negative, male/female) and opposites. From a broader perspective, one finds that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; that extremes meet; that all truths are but half truths. All opposites are poles of the same thing, with many degrees between the two extremes…

Understanding the law of polarity, we learn the ways of harmony, and the paths between extremes. It reminds us to keep both eyes open so we can see more of the Big Picture. From the opening chapter of the book: “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Everyone’s Guide to the Coming Changes” by Moira Timms, (Ballantine Books, 1980, 1994, ISBN 0-345-36475-9).

Applying the Law of Polarity:

We define our world based on polarities – North/South, East/West, Masculine/Feminine, up/down, cold/hot, soft/hard, young/old, black/white, right/wrong, happy/sad, loving/hating…. since we tend to move between these polarities, they help us to define ourselves and our position within the world. Understanding the Law of Polarities and how it is manifested in the principle of gender makes it easier for a psychic to identify the energies influencing a situation or individual – and to suggest solutions, ways of redirecting negative influences and building on the positive.

Here are several simple examples of how the Law of Polarity can influence a person – and their readings…

How often have you noticed that the cocky, confident, know-it-alls are actually quite insecure, fearful and anxious about their lives? While it might be easy to be put off by their apparent arrogance, once you understand the Law of Polarity, you know to look for the other side of the story…. and how to present your story so it can be heard… Bullies mask a hidden weakness, fears of being abused themselves.

Occasionally a client will contact us at the end of a long series of painful crises… they’ve created such a vortex of dark, negative energy that they just keep attracting more trouble. When you open a reading for them, all you can see is more trouble… what to do??? When you understand the Law of Polarity, you can see how the individual has become polarized, how they attract their troubles, and why, and you can then help them learn to balance the energies in their lives so they can pull out of the negative spin they’ve been trapped in…

Almost all of us find ourselves stuck at one time or another… writer’s lose contact with their muses, artists suddenly find there’s nothing new in them, businessmen lose their edge, mother’s get burnt out on caring… Here again, the Law of Polarity provides both the explanation and the solution to such problems. In every case, the problem is rooted in the individual having become polarized in a particular energy stream – and the solution is for them to move along the continuum towards the other extremes, thus balancing themselves – and unblocking the flow. Once writers and artists spend some time with physical work, (thus tapping into their male energy), they soon discover that the creative juices (feminine in nature) are also flowing… More than one entrepreneur has been skeptical when I told them to go play with some paints, or to build a piece of furniture and in the doing of these creative projects, they would find the solution to their business problems…. yet when they follow through, they discover I am right, that somehow, getting creative (thus tapping into a feminine energy) helped them to restart their businesses (normally masculine in nature). This is the Law of Polarity at work….

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