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Open Mind=Open Heart

We are all unique and follow individual passions. Your children are no exception. Realizing that your child is on their own path and finding ways to support their passions is of utmost importance.

It is easy as an adult to judge if our children are not following the path we have chosen and laid out for them. What we need to realize is that sometimes we do not know what is best. 

As a new parent 13 years ago I found myself setting up all sorts of boundaries and life choices for my daughter. She would go to college, she would be top of her class and she would live a clean wholesome life with no individuality, conforming to society. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!

Fortunately as I evolved I could see how my plans for her were limiting and just plain rediculous. The world awaits these glorious empowered children and we as adults must encourage them to live outside of the box and blaze a trail wherever they may go!!

Do not limit your children by expecting them to follow in your footsteps. If your child loves art, encourage that by always having paint in the house, If your child loves to bake, encourage that by making sure you are fully stocked with cake mixes!  If your child loves fashion, make sure they have all the fabric you can afford!!  This just fuels their zest of life and lets them know that the world of possibilities awaits them!! 

We are so fortunate as adults to have the opportunity to directly affect the future of humanity. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by encouraging your children on their path of awareness!! Start today by becoming a member of Awakening Conscious Children, and have immediate access to unlimited resources that encourage a life of high self esteem, awareness, confidence and individuality within children(and adults too)!!

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