UpBeat Predictions for Difficult Times

There’s no arguing the fact that the global economy is in deep doo-doo right now, and almost every individual on the planet is suffering in some way from the recent set-backs. However, the psychic and the optimist in me immediately noticed that such a massive correction would be rife with new opportunities.

There is an upside to this downturn…. it could serve us very nicely at this time. It may especially benefit “the little guy”, those who have struggled to keep up, even in the midst of the apparent abundance surrounding “Corporate America”… let me explain.

I see a number of positive trends coming from this shift – in fact a lot of breakthroughs are possible from the recent economic breakdown…..

For example, one of the first big changes was that gas prices dropped, and to levels we haven’t seen in 3 or 4 years or more! I thought I would never again see gas at 78cents/litre! And this was just the beginning of the price breaks I’ve been seeing. In addition to the many inventory-reduction and bankruptcy sales, the prices of everyday products like butter, milk and eggs are coming down.

Here are a few other trends I predict will become more obvious in the coming months:

  • With so many of the big chains shutting stores or closing down altogether, there will be room for the small family-run business to thrive once again…
  • folks spending less are staying home more – which means that families will find new ways of connecting and entertaining themselves together and at home…
  • housing prices will drop, and those folks unable to sell their homes at a good price will choose to fix up rather than try to “sell up”… and since material prices are also dropping, we should see some real growth in the home improvement marketplace…
  • we’ll slow down a little, and we’ll learn to get real, to look past appearances…

What do you see as a positive outcome from the economic crunch affecting so many? How do you see things changing for the better as a result of this correction?

With our 2009 predictions, I intend to publish a list of predictions “on the up side”, so this is your invitation to share yours. Post them here, or email me at danielle@globalpsychics.com. In the midst of what feels like disaster all around us, we have been encouraging folks to Lighten Up – to stay focused on what works, what is loving and life-affirming… Predictions on the Up Side helps up maintain an upbeat attitude – and it is this approach that will ensure we can each and together weather whatever storms may be upon us…. I’ll be excited to hear from you!

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