We were recently approached by a young woman doing some research on psychics to answer three questions:

  1. How can a seeker avoid the fake psychics and spot the real ones? What pieces of advice could you give them?
  2. How do you differentiate psychic ability from intuition?
  3. How does an online psychic reading work?

The questions precipitated an interesting response from Phil. You'll find all of our answers to the three questions below, but Phil's opening notes are typical of the path to enlightenment that most of the Global Psychics team has encountered. It explains what motivates us to keep working in this fascinating field.

Says Phil:

Before I try to answer your specific questions, a general answer to each of them revolves around what motivates us to do what we do. Speaking only for myself, what motivates me has been a life-long search for answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries, including some (or a whole lot of!) mysteries that were presented to me at a very early age. For me in particular, this fifty-plus year (never ending) “quest for knowledge” involved a sense that I could feel since childhood, of some presence surrounding me, a protective and loving teacher-guide kind of thing, by its nature very difficult to describe and articulate but I simply needed to know.

Like many of us in this “psychic field of awareness,” being raised in a religious environment proved to be insufficient in answering my questions, so I inadvertently began my own spiritual path. Now, I think it’s very important to differentiate between the two, of what is religious and what is spiritual. To me, the difference is that the religious path is already a well documented series of other people’s stories while the spiritual is my own unique story, the same as it is for each of us. And because of my innate rebelliousness, I’ve found it impossible to settle for anyone else’s stories, someone else’s religions.

So, after several decades of search and research, followed by lots of interspersed “down time” bouts of depression, what some seekers describe as the “long dark night of the soul,” the mysteries have compelled me to return to the search again and again. My own path is quite irrelevant and would take way too long to describe here but after lots of reading and in my own home-made meditational style, I’ve discovered that my story is not so unique, as it has paralleled many other seeker’s stories. Among them are several who could be described as “spiritual masters” who had gone through their own long dark night and came out on the other side to daylight – enlightenment – by definition those who teach the power of self-mastery. And along the way, I “saw” some of those same things that I can’t deny or could ever forget, including the overwhelming message I received about seven years ago; “You’ve already learned enough, it’s now time to share what you’ve learned.”

Well, that message at first was hard for me to trust but I was also learning how to have faith in those kinds of messages, as a crucial component of my own spiritual path, of redefining those words faith and trust. In other words, one of the things I’d been learning was that I’d ignore those kinds of messages at my peril, there were always some things I couldn’t or shouldn’t run away from, an inherent sense that my life had some kind of meaning and purpose. The key to this basic level of understanding was that my life wasn’t about me as an individual but as one seeker needing to “bounce-off” of and help other seekers, and that none of us are ever alone on the path.

Now, the “benefit” of the long dark nights (plural!) of the soul is a mysterious process where our egos get shattered, and then we begin searching for the gems of our former selves, even the gems of our past-lives. Many spiritual masters speak of this Universally mandated “death of the ego” energetic as a first step toward enlightenment, which I stumbled upon independently, freaking me out (in good ways!) of course. The main breakthrough I found along the path was that I found that these night-to-day transitions corresponded quite plainly and clearly with planetary alignments and transits, which I began studying about fifteen years ago. The planetary timing is quite impeccable, “as above so below“ style, which was coinciding with some past-life memories of having done astrology before.

So, the ancient craft of astrology became my tool for helping others make sense of their lives, while the craft of tarot and/or other divinations are equally beneficial for others, in however we’re hard-wired to receive worthwhile Divine (soul) information. This next bit might be a little too esoteric but it can soon become apparent in the differences between what is a tool and what is a crutch, we can rely on one discipline while ignoring others, much to our detriment. In other words, a holistic approach to psychism would seem to be most helpful, I don’t need astrology software or a shamanic drum to sense the useful subtleties versus the irrelevant ones, which would require a disciplined multi-disciplinary path that’s taken me decades to develop. Meanwhile, I’ve learned some short-cuts that I feel compelled to share, which truly gives my life purpose and meaning, or at least it does for me.

Therefore, what motivates me to do what I do involves the unforgettable stuff I’ve seen, several near-death experiences even, filtered through what remains of my ego-less self, and a strong “need“ to let others know that they don‘t absolutely need to take several decades to arrive at the same level of awareness that I have. There’s simply too much needless pain to go through, there are already many trails that have been blazed before us, by giants of the past many millennia that we can now stand on top of their shoulders. There’s always one caveat however, whenever I’ve felt like I’ve “arrived” at the ultimate consciousness, my guides always let me know that I still don’t have all the answers, that life is indeed all about the journey. So, I’ve learned to acknowledge that whatever I try to relate to others comes from my own current level of understanding, kind of like I reserve my right to be wrong, tomorrow might reveal something new and show a much broader perspective.

You know, the Universe is a really big mysterious place, tomorrow hasn’t gotten here yet, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, I just have faith and trust that we can make the future look like anything we want it to. And that level of understanding is also what motivates me, otherwise I’d have to figure that life would be one giant hoax, which I’ve simply seen as not being true. I mean, how could I possibly forget that? So, it’s one answer at a time, coming from my current level of understanding…. Peace out Phil

Our Answers

1) How can a seeker avoid the fake psychics and spot the real ones? What pieces of advice could you give them?

Danielle: One of the most common curse or aura cleansing scams is usually run out of psychic shops or fairs, or the big sites like Keen and Kasamba who do not screen their advisors.. I tell folks to avoid the psychics at the fairs, and anyone who has a sign in the window….. professional psychics do not promote themselves in this way…

anyone who tells you they are 100% accurate is not worth investing your time in…

Next, I suggest that folks check with friends and family – get a referral..

You'll find more information about getting a good reading here: http://www.globalpsychics.com/get-a-reading/how-to-get-a-good-reading/

Teresa: I will probably be telling you exactly what everyone else on this site will tell you: If they keep asking for more and more money…run! We have heard SO many instances of this abuse, it completely saddens me. I suppose there are real psychics out there who do the whole shtick (scarf, lights, etc), but for the most part I would think we are just regular people with deeper insight into things. 

Phil: Very simply, avoid psychics or other spiritual advisors who charge a lot of money. In a perfect world I’d rather do all of my readings for free but my spooks have pounded it into me that an energy exchange of some sort is required. All giving and no receiving keeps the loop open-ended with no sense of necessary closure, kind of like a bit of unfinished karmic business. I love the barter system, especially exchanging a reading for a therapeutic body massage (ah!) but those are rare and unreasonable, especially when doing a reading for someone on the other side of the world. Besides, an average reading takes me a minimum of six hours to do in my “free“ time, away from my full-time retail gig, so I figure around $50 (just above minimum wage in the US) is quite reasonable, within our current economic constrictions.

Also, avoid any psychics who go by grandiose (ego-filled) names or titles like Queen of the Heavens Serena, or have dubious “credentials” such as Grandmaster of the Fifth Wave of the Ninth Ray, initiate of the Pleiaidean Archons, that sort of thing. I’m also very wary of channeled information from specifically named entities, which can open-up the portal of “the devil made me do it” mentality, and that comes from personal experience.

The main thing to avoid though is any psychic who triggers our fear mechanism, or in any way mentions that a curse is somehow involved. Any and all information must come from a place of egoless love, basically in whatever feels “right.” That’s admittedly a tough one to discern because “love” necessarily involves the dynamic of tough-love, the tenuous link between compassion and dispassion. Compassion gets us “in” to the source of pain, suffering and confusion, dispassion gets us “out,” of kicking those regrets in the family jewels. Dispassionate courage ain’t easy but it’s one of the short-cuts, so…

It might help to begin a psychic reading, before any money is put on the table, by the client stating something like this, “If you make me unreasonably uncomfortable in any way, I’m leaving. Your motto and modus operandi must be ‘to first harm none‘,” and see what response they get. A smirk would be a sure-fire expression of an ego-fueled motivation on the “psychic’s” part while a loving smile would be the green light to continue.

2) How do you differentiate psychic ability from intuition?

Danielle: You could say that intuition is the mother of psychic ability – and also that intuition is a subset of psychic ability… psychic ability expresses itself in many different ways… clairvoyance, (seeing) clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling, empathy) and intuition (just knowing) are typically the top four categories of psychic expression… but there are many more… I use the words interchangeably.

Teresa: I may be alone on this, but it is my experience that intuition and psychic ability are really the same thing, just different labels. My father was an MD whom I believe was also a medical intuitive. Were I to say that to him, he might be all right with the label, but were I to also say that what my mother did was intuitive, he would then have difficulty with it, as he thinks what my mother does is 'darkness' and 'evil' whereas his 'gift' is not.

The real 'tell' for me is that I have been through a multitude of spiritual life changes in my 60 years, and the 'gift' has remained the same, but in the church it had to be called Gift of Wisdom or prophecy, etc. It's the same danged ability, but if I said I was psychic in church they would've kicked me out or prayed over me or some such thing. Not to put those people down–shoot, I was one of them–but you wouldn't believe the things that were said to me by a few of them when I left the church in search of answers elsewhere.

So, I have been called an intuitive, a prophetess, a mystic (and kind of as an insult by someone in one particular church), and now a psychic…doing the same thing I have always done. Either people label me wrongly, or they are just labels. You know how some words get a bad connotation. Depends on the circle you run in.

Phil: I think they’re quite interchangeable words, perhaps only differentiated by intentional practice and levels of trust. Maybe one is objective and the other subjective but I don’t know which is which, Webster himself might be tongue-tied.

3) How does online psychic reading works?

Danielle: I could say "your guess is as good as mine" – the truth is that I don't really know… I assume that the crystals used in our computers helps to amplify the connection… but the bottom line is that we are all One… when I get a reading order in, I tune into the person through their name and birthdate, like tuning to the right station on the radio… and I use the Tarot… between the energy I pick up from the client's intake, and the insights I get from the Tarot, I am usually able to pick up a pretty clear picture… I am often as amazed as my clients at the accuracy… but I was trained years ago to "say what I sense" and have learned to trust that what I sense has meaning for the client, if not for me…

Teresa:  How do online readings work? Hmm. I only do name readings or Tarot readings…but I have found it amazing how I can choose a card when I am thinking of a person and it seems to be perfect for the person. I think there's a connection we get, just like when we are face-to-face. I have sent energy online to people and they have felt it (some even say it comes right out of the computer to them) or sent it while on the phone with someone for a healing, so I know the energy, for lack of a better word, would also work to 'read'. Does that answer your question in any way?

One last thought on what to tell people so they can judge a person's integrity: Wow, actually, that kind of requires insight/intuition/etc, doesn't it? We need to be responsible and wise. People/'psychics' who have some thing that keeps you connected to them–for instance, "I see a negative energy or an evil eye/spell that has been put on you. For $___ (and it is surprising to me how high that number can be!) I will remove it." Then, some time later, after they have supposedly done what you have paid them for, they will tell you it only removed part of it or you have to do some other (ridiculous) thing and it will cost you $such-and-such. OMG, really? Run, run, run!!! First clue here is that they are telling you someone has put a hex or whatever on you. That is a lie right up front. Sometimes negative things are happening in our life, but they aren't because someone put a spell or hex or whatever on you. Someone tells you that..yep, you got it…run, run, run!!!

You see, I believe we need to be empowered and that whatever we speak to another should be from the Light. If I am a petitioner (not the psychic) and I am empowered, I will 'know' whether you are speaking the truth to me; I will sense it; it will speak to me; I will identify with it. Sadly, it is easy to see some people are in a bad place and take advantage of that. Those people aren't feeling their own power and are giving it away. Worse yet, because they are in a bad, weak place, they will say, "Oh yeah. That must be true because…" We can convince anyone in certain circumstances of anything if we are vague enough in our 'proclamations.' This, of course, is not walking or speaking from the Light. It is wrong, wrong, wrong!!! And shows no valuing of the person with whom we have to do. You should always feel loved and safe, I guess you could say. I hadn't really thought of that before. But yes, definitely.

Thank you for asking us, for even trusting that we would be able to honestly answer your questions. Anyway, for me it's generally just a 'feeling' if I'm not using cards…and when I do a name reading, I get a word or phrase that stands out to me and that is always the part the recipient points out. So honestly, I have no way of saying where it comes from or what it is, exactly. It just IS.

Phil: Well, I can’t speak for others but I’ll receive a person’s birth information and any specific questions they may have, and then begin my solitary meditational approach, surrounded by my resources here in these peaceful woods. I can’t adequately describe it but a person’s natal design will begin speaking to me, and then I’ll start comparing it with what the real-time planets are doing in relation to it, in the further shaping of their souls. It certainly helps having a lot of Gemini in my own natal design, quite often with me asking myself if I’m a (long-winded) writer who does astrology or am I an astrologer who loves writing? Oh, just working with my soul’s natal design, which I’d obviously recommend for everyone because self-knowledge can lead to self-mastery, which is the real reason why we‘re all here.

I hope these observations have helped. It’s certainly helped my boredom on this rainy day, while Mercury begins moving direct again…

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