Dowsing for water is a common practice throughout the world, a form of divining that even geologists use to identify minerals deposits in certain areas. Dowsing uses divining rods that react to the energy around and below them, so in a sense the rods are speaking to the holder through their actions or non-actions.

Some objects naturally talk to us, as if that is their purpose – for example, crystal balls. When I focus on a crystal ball, it shows me images, and triggers words and thoughts that contain important messages about both the past and the future.  I find it easy to work with plants, trees and rocks, but I have also picked up strong messages in touching a chair, an article of clothing or a piece of jewellery.

Webster defines Divination as “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers; unusual insight; intuitive perception; to discover intuitively.”

As we open to our psychic abilities, we often find that objects unexpectedly speak up.  As one of our visitor’s discovered, sometimes they can tell you when they will be needed.

I sometimes hear voices that I don’t think other people hear and I have had this “gift” for as long as I can remember, but recently another one has come up. When I pick up an object I can sense things about the future through the object. Like when I was packing for a trip I noticed my multi-tool sitting on my desk. when I picked it up I knew that I would need it on the trip to open a plastic package. Sure enough, while I was on the trip, we picked something up and I needed to use it. I want to hone this and learn more about it – if you could help, that would be awsome :) Lisa

There is a difference between divining through an object and getting a “hit” on something through it. If you look at an object and see pictures, visions and scenes, you are divining which is seeing the future.

When you pick up an object and get a sense you may need it or will need it, that is psychic ability, intuition and precognitive ability.

You have learned to trust and feel comfortable with your gifts so they are getting stronger.

This will continue to enhance. More and more people are becoming more intuitive. It is a collective consciousness shift to higher frequencies, mult- dimensional realities.

Begin to see this as ‘normal’ not abnormal and you will help others around you that see this in you to be open to the possibility of being intuitive as well.  Peace and love,  Cherie

As we increase our vibrational frequency and open up to communications and connections with other dimensions as well as with the world around us, many more of us will discover that objects talk, if we will just notice – and listen.  There is so much insight and useful information available to us when we open up….

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