We are fortunate in having a true master of the Tarot on the Global Psychics team. And blessed that he is so willing to share his knowledge.

Do reversed cards have the same meaning as upright? Karen

 Good questions deserve good answers.  A reversed card simply means that the energy of any card reversed is “not full force”  It is either coming or going, as in getting stronger or weaker depending on the surrounding cards and the interpretation coming through.

The Tarot has three main parts.  The Major suits, which number 22, are the major lessons in Life.  They mark the 22 steps on the Path of Life.  There are 16 court cards, 4 for each of the 4 suits, and they represent the 16 basic personalties of people.  There are 40 suit cards that represent human circumstances and situations.  The 22 major lessons are played out through the 40 suit cards by the 16 personality cards.  A reversed card does not mean the opposite of the right side up card.  Only a different inflection, a coming or going.  Either that energy is on its way in or on its way out.  It is a very subjective call and different for every reading.  It is one of the subtleties of being a good reader.  Hope this helps.  If you would like to know more about Tarot, feel free to let us know.  I am a teacher/mentor of the Tarot and love to teach it and live it.  The Tarot is a major path of initiation.  It is called the Path of the Fool.  We are all fools in this game of Life, just players on the stage, as Shakespeare once said.  (Uncle Bill was an initiate.)

The 16 court cards represent the 16 basic personality types.  Each one covers a certain segment of the zodiac.  There are 4 court cards for each suit.  They consist of Knight, Queen, Prince, and Princess.  These titles vary from deck to deck, but the concept is the same.  I use the Thoth deck and that is how they are titled.  They also represent the various states of energy and action.  The cups represent water/signs, the wands are fire/signs, swords are air/signs, and the disks(pentacles) represent earth/signs.  This leads one to contemplate the 4 elements in their 4 different states of being. You can see why the Tarot is such a great tool for meditation.  It is like an onion with its many layers.

Swords = Intellect and Thoughts
Wands = People and Relationships
Cups = Emotions and Feelings
Disks = Material and Earthly things
Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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