they are prepared to go to war to gain the recognition they think they deserve….

While the US is probably not in any real danger of attack, I do feel that South Korea, Japan or the Philippines very well may be…  North Korea has a point to make… and intends to some time around April 15th, to celebrate Kim Jong-un’s birthday. We have been concerned  about North Korea’s aggressive tendencies since before Kim Jong-un’s father died… (See a history of our comments about N. Korea in our annual predictions, and most recently our monthly predictions at the end of this article.)

Kim Jong-un is a megalomaniac…a man with an inflated sense of self-esteem who overestimates his powers. What is scary about this man is that while he lacks any real understanding of the current worldview, he is crafty and has made some strong alliances with  countries like Syria and Iran to supply nuclear power… and even though they are starving, his people believe in him.

The saber-rattling at this time, serves a number of purposes… the missile launch is something of a product display for those countries that have been purchasing nuclear know-how and equipment from North Korea.  He is also wanting to show off to his people, give them something to celebrate on his birthday. And perhaps most importantly,  it is an attempt to establish some position on the world stage and to create fear in what he perceives are his enemies, the US and any country that supports them.

I see him beating the war drum with one hand, while the other is reaching out for aid, for acknowledgment and acceptance, as well as for trade…

When I draw cards on this situation, I am seeing that there will be delays, but then there is some form of attack probably within the next week.  But I don’t know that it will have the effect that they expect… a sense that N. Korea has not yet fully mastered the technology… and perhaps also that this missile can be diverted… I have a sense of a big bang and then a big splash…

Kim Jong-un wants to be seen and heard… fortunately, the universe seems to be conspiring to prevent him from causing any real pain at this time… however, if our leaders were wise they would begin now to make some serious efforts to disarm him. This event serves as our second warning… let us act now to avoid disaster in the future.

Says Anatara:
North Korea is hurting …it has an inflated idea of itself, collectively, in the scheme of the world. It doesn’t realize that there is love and equality when one can admit that they need and want some help.
If they could accept their needs, and feel that they have value without creating a false sense of mightiness, they could relax and accept assistance instead of ‘anger” and fear from the those who they feel are aggressors. It’s a typical case of a bully, who because they feel so vulnerable, postures and strikes out, instead of realizing that they can be loved and respected by being real.
N. Korea wants to be respected and given a sense of belonging. They are distancing themselves because of fear of judgment and because they have always been aggressive. It is what they know.
The Angels see this as a last stand, a false projection, that is to be transformed into cooperation with the rest of the world. Even the US government can ‘help’ if they are no longer threatened. As with two children fighting, taunting and teasing each other, baiting the other to take aggressive action, this can shift.
N. Korea needs to be asked what it really wants. It is not actually that they want military superiority. They just don’t know how to tap into the human and humane part of their psyches as it has been hidden for so long.
Says Lisa
North Korea is determined, and they WILL do something that will then cause the United States and allies to step in.
I don’t feel that the mainland US is in any danger … however I am wondering if US embassies would be a target in this (which would most certainly cause chaos). What I am also concerned about is a statement that I made in my 2013 predictions. I shall quote it here: “April 2013 feels like a very significant month for some reason – something major will occur – that the day it falls on will “go down in history.” I cannot put my finger on what this may be. I’m not getting any further information regarding this month. I am also being drawn to the area of the 7th to the 12th as being a more pinpointed time period for this.”
At the time that I made my predictions, I didn’t understand what April meant … nor the days between the 7th and 12th. Now of course the timing could be slightly off. However, am beginning to wonder if my April prediction is directly connected to North Korea. And here we are on the 9th … and the more that I feel combined with what I hear on the news that confirms what I feel, I am concerned that indeed some sort of action will be taken by North Korea… but I am unclear about who initiates it: North Korea or the United States. My bet is on North Korea. But the good news that I do feel is that I really don’t think it will last long. I do hope I’m right in feeling that….
I don’t see any avoiding this other than deep deep prayer and remaining within a love and peace center within … and send out the most loving and peaceful of thoughts … not giving in to the fears so that the fears don’t gain strength and come into fruition. There is a very young leader behind all of this who is full of ego and is truly power-tripping (and very stubborn) … he is also one for holding grudges and so therefore the past between the North and South Koreans may come up as a bit of fuel for this fire as well. So I would also have to say to pray and send out that same loving divine vibrant energy to this leader of North Korea; to soften his heart and stubborn mind and to erase the irrational anger that I feel within him.
We all must also remember that we are all one … we are all connected and we are each other. As much as I hate to admit it (as I know you may as well), we are one with North Korean’s leader just as much as we are with everyone else. So let’s concentrate on our oneness … in being one … and pray and affirm for ourselves and the one consciousness all that is loving, peaceful, happy. What we wish to have for ourselves we need to wish for others …. including Kim Jong-Un. In giving Kim Jong-un these loving wishes it is with my hope that we can avoid major conflict – to soften his heart and warm his coldness, anger and hatred that is within him.

Says Phil 

I’m not really worried about what’s been happening in North Korea these days, and this might just be wishful thinking but in my inner dictionary, wishful thinking is synonymous with prayer.

So, seeing as how the Koreas are on the opposite side of the world, it’s daylight here and most of them are sleeping, I send them some wishful thinking that they will all be sleep dreaming of a better world, and that they’ll all awaken at once to the knowingness that “we are ALL ONE.” It’s about all any one of us can do to make things better, so…

Keeping it that simple, we can then see that the key players involved are only acting out in fear, and that by us worrying about what might come next is only playing into that same fear mentality, which basically contributes to a downward spiral. And if all of us would simultaneously disconnect from that fear mentality, the upward spiral would gain momentum and that better world would miraculously manifest. We do in fact create our own realities, so we’re certainly free enough to decide which spiral we want to contribute toward, and it really is that simple!

Anyway, not to change the subject here but a lot of us have been going through what can best be described as “life reviews,” where some stray thoughts have been tapping-into some past-life memories, and mostly the past memories of our current lives. For instance, just writing about “wishful thinking” revived a memory of mine from 1988, where the radio was playing a catchy tune by Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Now, me and about half of my friends at the time absolutely loved that song, and the other half… not so much. Their reasoning (I guess) went as follows; “He’s telling us to give up and take whatever ‘The Man’ wants to bury us with. Whatever happened to taking direct action, civil (or not so civil) disobedience, marching in the streets?, etc.,” entirely missing the point. Fighting fire with fire? We’d all be reduced to ashes.

In hindsight and flexing a few more wisdom muscles since then, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is all about disconnecting from all of our fear mechanisms, both personal and global. And, perhaps standing a little too close to that same cynical abyss, the truism of “Happiness is the best revenge” also comes to mind, although “revenge“ could easily be replaced by “reward,” no?

Fear doesn’t possibly stand a chance when we’re truly BE-ing happy, in Love with everything, living our lives as joyously as possible… And if music is indeed a Universal language another tune comes to mind “Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you, if you’re young at heart.” Just wet your lips and whistle a happy tune, and then watch the fear mongers dissipate into thin air!

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