Recently I think I had an encounter, with whom I’m not too sure.. I went to bed one night with the feeling of being watched.. I didn’t think anything about it and fell asleep waking up later on that night and the feeling of being watched was more powerfull at that point I thought to myself I would turn around to see if anything was there but I couldn’t. It was like something or someone was sitting on top of me holding me down  head and body.  After that night I have always worn a crucifix with Jesus on it and nothing has happened… I also want to ask if it’s true that when you like a certain thing, say the Harry Potter series like you have a connection to the era that, that’s been in one of our past lives?

First, the sleeping disturbance is common and universal, and people of all cultures since the beginning of time (I’m sure) have experienced similar energetics. I guess it could possibly be a disembodied spirit trying to torment you into acknowledging its existence, but I’d be much more inclined to think it was more of an outward manifestation of an inner fear that has lain buried in your subconscious.

Don’t worry, we all have those, or it could also have been a dimly remembered past-life thing, and we all have those as well. Either way, something you didn’t take much notice of in the previous day probably triggered it.

The subconscious mind/body connection can be quite powerful, and whatever is unleashed can be accompanied by physical reactions of various depths. Has your throat ever closed up in grief? Has an unkind remark ever felt like a punch to the stomach? Such physical sensations are possible, and are essentially the same energetic of the (unacknowledged) mind/body connection.

A similar type of thing had been happening with Harry throughout the series with his burning forehead – he just didn’t know until Book Seven what (or who) was sharing his unconscious mind. I hope you’ve read it and I’m not spoiling anything!

If you’ve just read it, there have most likely been a few subconscious memories returning from seemingly out of nowhere, as there is so much from the previous six books we’ve forgotten. Let’s assume you read Book One in 1999 – eight years ago is essentially a past-life, no? I’ve just finished reading it, and it brought back all kinds of memories of when I read the first book in 2001 (just before 9/11), and to other points throughout the past six years with the other five books. Perhaps something in the latest
book brought back a dormant memory for you, one that hadn’t been filed away correctly, one that bit you (or held you down) the other night?

Anyway, for several complex astrological reasons, the veil is especially thin these days, and a major cycle involving the outer planets is returning from about 500 years ago, and we’ve been catching various shards of memories of events that happened during the European Renaissance. This current cycle is wrapping up in 2010, just in time for 2012, and the end of the Mayan calendar. While the past Renaissance took many decades to unfold, with modern communication technologies, this next Renaissance will happen
virtually overnight. I see the next few years as the wedding between science and spirituality, and many Souls want to join in this endeavor.

A lot of the great minds from that era have returned to lend their hands at moving us to where we need to be in the future, specifically in the next five years. Another group of Souls have returned from even farther back – a time when humans knew their place in the world, and lived in complete harmony with nature. Together, we’re all here, looking around, wondering how we got into this mess, and trying to figure out how to clean up our act.

You could investigate some of your own past-lives to figure out what you might be bringing into this life from the past, but too often we can get bogged down in the details of what happened so long ago, and feel like we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes. This isn’t to downplay the significance of what might have happened back then, but there’s no greater time than the present to concentrate on.

The Harry Potter series reminds us of a past when Magick was commonplace, and not unusual in the least. The books also delve into what has estranged us from the natural world, the all to human frailty of a lust for power and domination. This imbalance didn’t cause Voldemort to be what he became, but his character clearly shows what can happen if things are taken to extremes.

JK Rowling (and the Universe! – see below) has given us these gems as a precautionary tale, to let us know that the energetics of the fictitious Wizard world are happening in the political, corporate, and cultural worlds of today. We know who the Voldemorts of the world are, but we’re not always positive of who is working for them, or exactly how they’re operating. We can’t do much about the bad guys, but we can surely work on ourselves to keep from becoming like them. The universal theme of good triumphant over evil can always use a new myth, and Harry Potter is as “good” as it gets.

Below is an article inspired by the end of Book Seven, to be published in an e-newsletter for the astrological community I subscribe to. It’s loaded with astro-de-gook, but if you can plow through it, you might get a sense for how I feel the Harry Potter series has been divine providence from Saturn himself, through the pen of JK Rowling of course!
Peace, Phil the astrologer

Harry Potter and the Outer Planets.

No, this isn’t the title of Harry’s eighth year at Hogwarts – a book JK Rowling says she won’t be writing – this article is about how the Harry Potter series has been shaped by the outer planets, or more correctly, how Rowling has been prompted in some mysterious(!) astrological ways to produce the series.

The seventh and final installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released on July 21, just a few weeks after the Saturn/Neptune opposition separated from exact. The Afterword of this glorious finale says that the idea for the series “…simply fell into my (Rowlings’) head” in 1990, with real-time Pluto on her natal Neptune, while Saturn and Neptune were together in the same sign of Capricorn, within four to ten degrees of exact conjunction for virtually the entire year. The first book in this series was released in 1998, while Saturn was square Neptune.

Conjunction, square, opposition (germination – conflict needing resolution – fruition) – we see it every month with the Sun/Moon aspects.

Rowling herself was born on July 31, 1965 (exact time and place not important for the purpose of this essay), while Saturn was opposed both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, with her Venus and Moon in Virgo as well. Her nearby natal Mercury was station and about to go retrograde on the cusp of Virgo/Leo, much like real-time Venus is doing as I type (8/3/07).

I’ve found that natives with a Mercury station-retrograde are especially tuned into past-life and ancient memories, and I intuit that Rowling in particular has been no exception. Other natives born in her sub-generation of the mid Sixties have also shown examples of global karmic energetics working in their lives, culminating in various ways these days. Has Rowling been tuned into the outer planets, or have the outer planets been tuning into her? That’s the great debate that has followed/swallowed astrology
since the beginning of time, no?

Coincidentally (right!), the very popular movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books, which started in 2001 (as Saturn was opposing Pluto), is scheduled to conclude with the seventh (and final) movie in 2010, right at the conclusion of the upcoming Saturn/Uranus oppositions. Speaking of Uranus (Prometheus), the vast bulk of the series was written while he was moving through his ruling sign Aquarius. Spiritual Neptune joined the creative Aquarian fun in 1998, and soon after, Rowling signed the movie contracts for the series, befitting Neptune’s mastery of illusions that cinema is.
Hmmm… Seven books covering seven years of a young wizard’s journey, coinciding with the folk wisdom of the “seven year itch” and “seven years of bad luck,” which just so happens to coincide with Uranus/Prometheus’ seven-year journey through each sign, in this case his ruling sign… Jung would be proud of these synchronicities, and Dumbledore as Saturn might just be the Good Professor after all, instead of the Great Malefic.

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