Says, Anthony , Global Psychics’ past life specialist:

Revelations of who we were in previous incarnations are given to us or not for good reason. The Buddha was said to recall all details of 1000 of his previous lives in an instant. Clearly we are not Buddha yet. You may ask why you can’t remember. I’ve come to know there is a kindness in spirit, in having us forget some details. As one or two lifetime’s details can be burden enough for our minds. Certain information from previous lives can affect current lessons we may be learning. When you do get insights into a past life, the reason is all in the why….why is it revealed …why now?

It may comfort you to show you, you have been through something before.

  • Give you perspective on current situations you are in that are a result of karma created in another life.
  • Remind you of your true essence and self.
  • Open a door for hope and healing.

The purpose of all experience – human and spiritual – in all lives – past, present, and future – is to refine the character of our soul so that we may become better co-workers with spirit. Experience is greatest, best, and only real teacher of truth. In past lives, hopefully we have determined what did not work and what did. We learned what did not allow us to become more loving and what did. We discovered what did not serve our development and what did. We repeat situations until we have become refined enough to become the solution to them. The goal is to bring ourselves into greater levels of love and awareness and closer workers with spirit and contribute to the collective experience of spirit.

As we evolve, we will choose to work with others through various lifetimes and in various roles – thus the sensation of soul-mates that comes up in so many relationships. People from our past often reappear in the present. Usually for a good reason.

As a young child I remember having a very vivid dream. I dreamt I was in Spain and wore a long dress made of different coloured fabric. It took me years to realize that this didn’t actually happen and that it was a dream – I had never been to Spain. I now have a 7 year old daughter, who from a very early age pretends to speak another language – always insisting that she is speaking Spanish. When my daughter was born and I first looked at her, my first thought was “If I knew it was you….” and had an overwhelming feeling of KNOWING her. I know there are mother/daughter ties etc, but I do have a younger daughter and never had that same feeling. Is it possible that my eldest daughter and I knew each other in a past life? In Spain ???? Delene

Absolutely there is a past life connection. It is obvious to me that you and your eldest daughter have known one another before. I did the same thing to my mother. I spoke a different language to her and often asked her what the words (language) that we used to use. She often was able to match up the English words with our past life language. This daughter is very important to you. Keep her safe & close to you. You might want to learn Spanish! Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I’ve had a couple of strange experiences which have left me wondering about past lives. My first experience was when I started going to the local gym. The man who taught me how to use the equipment was originally from Scotland . At first, there was nothing strange. Soon, as I trusted him to help me (I suffer from M.S. but am still, thankfully, mobile) if I needed to know anything about the equipment or fix it for me, I suddenly realized that all I had to do was look over to where he was sitting – usually his desk – and he immediately came over to help. We seemed to be able to communicate telepathically. Even if we met in the corridor of the leisure centre where the gym was located, all we had to do was look at each other and we knew what the other was thinking. He knew my name was Jacqueline as it was on my membership card, but he never called me Jacqueline – always Janette. Don’t ask me why, but I got some sort of feeling about a deceased elder sister when he was just a toddler. Could this have been ‘Janette’ or could both of us been soul partners in a past life together. If it was a case of Reincarnation – was I sent to make sure my baby brother was ok in this life? Strange – I have child sized hands, child sized feet, a child-sized head and even a small mouth (my dentist had to use a child-sized x-ray plate every time he x-rayed my teeth as an adults x-ray plate was WAY too big – even when I was in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital, they had to use child-sized incubation tubes during and after major surgery). When I first heard the song The Skye Boat Song I immediately had this ‘dream’, ‘flashback’ or whatever it could be described as. I was on this small ferry which they use in over there. I was standing looking over into the sea. Beside me was a lady holding a buggy with a baby boy inside. On a bench behind that sat a man. We were looking at the lovely cliffs and the sea as we were coming into the small harbour. On the harbour key was a lovely old lady who I referred to as Granny. I have never been to the Isle of Skye and at that time I’d never even seen a program about the Isle on TV. When I did see a program about it, it was exactly as was in my ‘dream’. Could I have been Neil’s big sister who later took ill and was comforted by him even though he was just a toddler, or could, both of us been soul partners in a previous life to meet as friends in this one. Jacqueline

Yes, all the possibilities that you write about could very well have transpired. We would need to open a past life reading to be able to affirm your thoughts, but my sense is that you are probably near right.. at the very least, there was another life when you were close to this man and your name in that life was probably Janette… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Anthony, our past life specialist came upon a fascinating story in one of his readings. Here is an excerpt from the reading he gave:

Spirit shows the heaviest of rain, falling on a small village of huts. I’m shown a woman and family huddled inside, the man of the hut sorts some long sticks in the corner of the hut, the woman tends to her mother, and children. The woman’s mother is very sick. So she comforts her, spirit shows her feeling as though she really is helping her mother get through the pain of the illness. As she strokes her mother’s hair and rubs her back, she sees her mother has become still, she and her children begin to weep, knowing that the grandmother was gone. They call out to other huts in the village. Spirit now showing a ceremony where they lay her to rest over a huge fire. There is drumming and chanting as they say farewell to a member of their tribe.

My guide says the woman of the hut who tended so lovingly to her mother is a previous incarnation of your soul. This is 27 lives ago. You are a very old and wise soul.

Anthony explains: At the time of the reading, in the woman’s current life her mother was not at all ill or sick. However in six months time she found herself at the hospital bedside of her mother who was very ill. Her mother said she felt horrible. The daughter stroked her mothers hair, and rubbed her back, her mother said thank you, that she had made her feel better and she had a flashback to the reading I gave, and at that moment her mother took her last breath.

Sometimes spirit reveals a past life to prepare us for what is to come, to show us that we have been there before and that we will get through the dark times. Spirit reveals that this woman and her mother have had lives together before, and saw each other off to the other side before. Spirit shows they have been together life after life, and on some level they always felt it, and perhaps they will again in the next life. Spirit does at times bring hope, comfort and preparedness. So many of us are connected through lessons, and the choice our souls make to help one another with lessons. This energy, continues to flow from life to life, often with the same souls. And sometimes a soul will choose to be separated from its circle of souls and be heavily challenged, a lonely road, but also deep wisdom can be gained from that as well.

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