About the Ascended Master Readings By Lisa Caza,

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Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers and healers, most of whom lived as humans upon the earth. They are powerful guides who can help you understand your life’s purpose, muster the courage to make significant changes, overcome difficult situations or conflicts. and develop your psychic and manifestation abilities. 

Each ascended master has specialties such as healing, manifesting, ascension, relationships, careers, and so forth. They come from every religion and culture, and they’re nondenominational. Ask the ascended masters to help guide you in your relationships (family relations, love and/or marriages, friendships), your career path, or any concerns that may be weighing heavily on your heart and mind. This oracle tends to be very responsive to your thoughts, so when asking your question, you’ll want to try to be completely focused — otherwise, you may just get answers to those “other questions” floating around in your head that you didn’t verbally ask the cards. There is even a very specific master that asks you to stay focused! So you’ll get the answers you need, even if it’s not quite what you expected or thought you were seeking. But let the ascended masters give you this kind of feedback, and you will learn a lot from them! The ascended masters are very open to just about any question you wish to bring to them, but you do need to be focused when asking about your concerns; and you must likewise understand that for the most part, ascended master readings are very personal spiritually-speaking and they do not necessarily foretell the future as seen with tarot.

Each reading, lovingly and carefully completed by Lisa Caza, includes not only direct messages sent from each ascended master who has appeared specifically for you, but also will include any clairvoyant and spirit guide messages that Lisa herself receives. All readings also include a brief history or biography of each appearing ascended master, as oftentimes each biography or legend in itself tends to add even further insight or resonation for you. Order your Ascended Masters Oracle Reading here.

Now, in addition the Ascended Masters Oracle Reading, Lisa offers the Ascended Masters One Week Subscription – Daily Messages for 7 Days! Order your personalized, daily messages & affirmations that are intuitively received by your specific ascended masters. Much like a personal horoscope, each day an ascended master will wish to send you personal, and specific messages. With a 1-week subscription you will receive your personally prepared daily messages in your email each and every day for 7 days. All messages include images and short biographies/history of the Ascended Masters; however at the end of your 7 days realize you will have a total of seven ascended masters who are indeed working with you. Therefore, on the 7th day you will not only receive that day’s master and their message, but also a complete summary/breakdown as well as any clairvoyant messages Lisa herself may have received throughout that week.

Here is a sample DAILY Ascended Master’s Personal Message that was performed by Lisa Caza. Please note that in order to protect and preserve a client’s right to confidentiality, we have changed names and all other identifying information that may have been given in the psychic reading.


Good afternoon dear Alexandra.

Once again Alexandra I must truly thank you for purchasing the ascended master daily message for 1 week. What I encourage people to do is to keep track of each ascended master that comes forth each day, and to likewise remember their individual messages because oftentimes all seven masters are actually working together – and with you. I’ve found it amazing at just how accurate and in-tune the ascended masters are not only with us, but with each other as well. So each daily message, while they stand alone for that particular day, when put all together at the end of the week they actually and quite amazingly create a rather detailed (and logically ordered or structured) storyline – where each message either pertains to or expands upon a previous one – with most if not all of them having very similar messages. Essentially, by the end of this week, the seven masters will eventually create for you one full message that could very well become a full-sized regular reading! I also include a little bit of a background behind each ascended master, as oftentimes that in itself seems to somehow resonate with the client.

So here is today’s message from an ascended master that it surrounding you at this time – trying to guide you and deliver messages to you in order to assist you along your path. This is the first day – and first ascended master – to appear for us this week.

Alexandra, this first ascended master to appear here today is appearing very strongly here. It is QUAN YIN. Quan Yin wishes to tell you Alexandra that it’s time to stop struggling, pushing, or forcing things to happen. Such actions push against the universal flow and lead to frustrations and blocks. When you let the situation go to Spirit, you automatically open supportive doors that will bring solutions and an outcome that could most certainly exceed your expectations! Quan Yin simply states: “Let go!” Let go of struggle, anger, unforgiveness, or anything else undesirable. Let go of any arguments, judgments, or long-term hurt. Trust that the Universe is on your side. However, you must also have compassion for everyone involved … including yourself! Be gentle with yourself, Alexandra and stop being so harsh and critical!

Quan Yin is the beloved Buddhist goddess of compassion whose name means “she who hears all prayers.” At her mortal death, Quan Yin was eligible for Buddhahood, yet she decided to stay close to Earth and help all humans until everyone became enlightened. You can call upon Quan Yin for help with forgiveness and compassion and to have your needs met in gentle and loving ways. So Alexandra, Quan Yin is your ascended master for today – and the first for this week. She definitely has some strong messages here for you regarding the concept of letting not just negativity and fears go, but also that of new ideas, goals, and aspirations. You seem to be worrying and perhaps even “dwelling” on some things here hon – thinking and analyzing way too hard; which may I add is really taking a toll on you emotionally, energetically and spiritually. You’ve got the thoughts and ideas – and you’ve put them out there. Now let them go and move forward hon. Take those next steps forward along your path and do what you know you must do – and know that God, your ascended masters, guides, and angels are with you always.

Much love always sweetheart. And we shall be in touch tomorrow to see which ascended master comes forward once again (to ensure that Quan Yin doesn’t make her presence known again lol – I have set her aside from the rest – she’s coming in here very strongly Alexandra so perhaps her messages are ones that you really need to pay close attention to).

Brightest of blessings, Alexandra and we shall connect again tomorrow! Lisa Caza

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