Whew, I knew the Cardinal Cross was having a powerful effect on us when I first noticed a very clear and strong trend both in my own life and the lives of my clients and friends.  Old, and often complicated issues from the past were rising to the surface once again, but this time with opportunities to introduce creative new solutions.

I thought I was coping pretty well with the issues that came up for me back in June… I buckled down, got to work, cleared what I could immediately and then set a plan to clear the rest.  In fact, I was feeling quite proud of myself, felt like an old albatross was lifting from my neck.  new solutions had presented themselves that made sense and also made it easier to put those old “wrongs” to rights. My experience with the Cardinal Cross was proving to be quite positive, despite the stress it had caused.

Until about 10 days ago… As the Cardinal Cross intensified, so did my computer problems.  It all started Monday morning of last week when my old computer wouldn’t start.  A bad video card. Three days, three trips to the shop and $200 later, the techie tells me my motherboard has gone and I need a new computer. Oh dear, the entire Global Psychics business resides on that old, now dead, computer.

It has taken me nearly a week to  recover my files and get back to work.  I feel like I have landed in a foreign land.  Because the new system is Windows 7, I also had to upgrade all of my software – another unexpected expense – both in time and money.  I am still learning how to use the new versions, some have changed drastically… have yet to be able to get Dreamweaver working the way I need it… if you  know CS5, please contact me!

On the up side,  my new computer is much more powerful, lots of new bells and whistles.  And I have the most recent software.  Once I get it all working properly, I’ll have a lot more flexibility, and the system will be more secure. Many old issues that had chronically disrupted work in the past are now permanently in the past.

So what is your Cardinal Cross story? Has the past come back to haunt you in some curious way recently?  Have you found yourself unexpectedly shelling out time, money and energy to  fix old problems?  Leave us a comment, tell us how the Cardinal Cross has influenced your life in the past few months.

And if you’re one of the many feeling pushed and highly stressed by the past in this cycle, here is some useful advice:

  • Don’t panic, or freeze, don’t allow yourself to fall into old response patterns. Take a good big deep breath, or 3, relax, allow your feelings to come up so you can observe them, but choose not to react to them, at least not yet. Decide to find the right solution, somehow…
  • Connect with your Third Eye, then take the time to assess the problem. If you’re really confused, write it down, tell the whole story on paper. Write about how you got into the mess, what actions you took, and how it has impacted you, in the past, and in the present. The very act of writing it out will help you to sort out your feelings, and often brings good solutions to light.   Ask yourself what has stopped you from fixing this before now, and then what you need to fix it now. Break the problem into smaller  parts if you can, think about what parts you can deal with immediately, and what you will need help with.
  • Then get help.  In my case, when the first big problem reared its ugly head back in June, I  found someone with accounting expertise to help me sort out the old records.  With my computer, I needed to find knowledgable technical resources to lead me to the solutions.
  • Finally – follow through.

I believe this Cardinal Cross is creating a unique opportunity to set our lives on a better track.  The solutions that present themselves in this cycle are long-term.  If you will commit to following through, step by step, with whatever fixes are needed,  you should find, as I have, that even though you may feel you have landed in a foreign country,  you’re able to learn the language and get around quite easily. This could be your chance to free yourself from the past, and to get your life onto a whole new platform.

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