Moving on, letting go of the past, is an issue for almost every human, whether we are alive or not.  Empaths and mediums prefer not to visit hospitals because their halls are so filled with lost souls trying to hang onto the past, begging folks to notice and help them. Many of these souls are trapped, unable to break free of old belief systems that hold them in place – or unable to deal with the shock and trauma of their passing. 

Those of us who are mediums are often called upon to help such souls cross over. It seems that once in spirit, we are able to see who is able to see, hear and help us.

It is not uncommon, however, to connect with a spirit who just doesn’t want to leave… some of them still feel such a strong attachment to the people and things of their lives, that they won’t leave. Some have issues that they want to see resolved before they cross over, while others are simply lost and confused. Before they can cross, they need a little help understanding what has happened to them and where they should go next.

My husband sees and hears dead spirts, and has helped some. But my grandmother who died 1yr ago will not leave him alone. How does he make her move on? please help, Stefania

I have done what we call “rescues” meaning helping, what you may like to call a “stuck spirit” or “lost spirit” over to the light… I feel very strongly this is what your husband may need to do with your grandmother, as I am sensing that your grandmother hasn’t accepted the fact that she does not belong on this earth anymore and really does need to go “Home”… your husband needs to be strong on this one as it can be very emotional doing this type of thing (in my own personal experience) so I would like to suggest your husband talks to your grandmother, explaining that she does not belong on this earth anymore and that there are x amount of family waiting for her to cross over… please also let your husband know he may need to be firm, however not to feel bad in any way for doing this as it does happen a lot too (again from my own personal experiences)… light a candle and let your husband tune in to your grandmother and also ask your husband to call on Archangel Michael for protection and for your husband to ask Archangel Michael to help him too and he will… I truly hope this is of help to you and your husband… sending you much health and happiness, Love & Light xxx Karen

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