In the late ’80’s, my guides foresaw the need for individuals to be available with answers as folks “awakened”. They told me that as we moved through this transformative cycle, more and more people would be awakening to their birthright, to their psychic and intuitive abilities, and they would be afraid of what was happening to them, filled with questions. I was shown a picture of myself at a bank of computers responding to queries from all parts of the world. Over the next few years, doors seemed to mysteriously open, until one day I opened the door to Global Psychics and this web site… it is no wonder then, that a ? is prominent in our logo. We have been answering questions on the web for more than 12 years now… my guides were right, many people are noticing new abilities, and many are troubled by them.

Here, Cherie offers a loving and useful response to some of the most common questions, voiced in this instance by a young empath.

I am an Empath, 17 years old in need of some guidance. For years I have always lived with so much stress and so much confusion. And I admit, I dont live a very normal or happy life either. I dont know what to do. Most times I feel completely numb and so sad becuase the way my life has turned out in these seventeen years. I really dont know the reason why I’m going through so much. Sometimes I believe it is to make me stronger. But for what? Now I’m hearing about the Apocalypse “supposedly” happening in the year 2012. Sure, I have felt “strong feelings” towards the near future, but why would I need to be strong for it? Another thing I’ve been wondering about is Love. I “feel” as if there is something great to be givin in the future, but I sincerely find that hard to believe. Why are we given these so called “gifts” if what they do is cause pain? Why would I ever need them? Yes, I’m grateful but just confused. Well, in support of all that is good and pure, I hope to find my way in life…though it is confusing where I should start? Your friend and reader, ~Lauren~

Your questions are wise and sincere for your age or any age.
Though it doesn’t help much, most souls that come into the earth plane as Sensitive’s/Empaths have a difficult childhood. Pretty soon you will be on your own. Being patient is hard, but necessary.
It isn’t so much an Apacalypse that is coming in 2012. It is the end of a galactic cycle, a time when the earth and our solar system are lined up with the galactic center. More light and higher frequencies are coming onto our planet now and pushing up all the negativity and denser energies to be cleared. You as a soul chose to be here now.
In terms of psychic gifts, more and more people are recognizing them and more and more people will become more psychically aware in the coming years. Telepathy and higher sensory awareness are our divine birthright. Trauma and difficult childhoods accentuate these awarenesses. It sort of hones the gifts so to speak.
 Why do we need the gifts? In order to be able to read people better, know what and who to trust/believe and to help us navigate through these challenging times. You will be able to see through the illusions other people just buy into without thinking twice. You will be able to trust yourself or follow your inner guidance so that you will know where to be or not to be, when to go or stay and who to be or not be around. Trust your instincts and inner guidance for they are your guiding system in your life. While others buy into the fear and chaos around us, you will be able to see/feel through the lies and deceptions in the world around you.
 Why do we need to be stronger for the coming years? Because there is and will be more fear and chaos around us and you will need to be able to surf your way through the madness with a sense of inner strength and balance. Otherwise you will be tossed about like a toy boat in a storm.
 Grounding yourself with earth energy, learning about and honoring the 4 elements will help you ground and stabilize your energy as things get crazier around you and all of us.
As other people scramble in fear, you will be able to be a guiding hand and force that will talk about love and peace amidst fear and chaos.  Somebody has to do it, huh!  love, Cherie

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