by Gina E. Jones

Soon we will be celebrating another Mother’s Day.  This is something each one of us has in common. Everyone has a mother—that is how we got here, right?  Looking back to my own childhood, I remember the times when my mother nurtured me, guided me and even warned me.  She had a wisdom and a knowing about things—things like boys, school and life in general.  Yet, even though I loved her, I have to admit that I ignored most of what she said. I didn’t listen to her. Even my father told me, “Mind your mother!” I thought I knew everything.  But, of course, like most of us, I later found out that I really didn’t.

Today I would like you to think about your Mother, your larger Mother—the one that sustains you and me and everyone we know.  I’m talking about Mother Earth. She is the most resplendent mother of all. Without her none of us would be here.


Like our own birth mothers, Mother Earth has nurtured each of us since the day we were born. She too has a wisdom and understanding about life. She has talked to humanity for thousands and thousands of years. And she is talking to us today.  Like our own mothers, she is warning us.  Look around the world—her messages are everywhere. To truly hear her, we need to stop thinking that we know everything and listen to her with our hearts. Dramatic shifts are happening on our beloved planet.

I was a flight attendant for many years and now see life from a higher perspective. But what is happening now requires an even higher perspective—a perspective from our souls. Shifts are happening in every area of our existence. There are shifts in weather, shifts in consciousness, and polar shifts. Now people are talking about dimensional shifts.  Look around!   Devastating earthquakes.  Record-breaking tsunamis. Category 5 hurricanes.  Spiking global temperatures.  Droughts and floods.  World hunger. Escalating wars.  And now dolphins have seen near the North Pole. Shifts happens!Predictions of how the world will end have been around for thousands of years. Yet today both ancient prophesies and contemporary science alike are revealing the curious fact that 2012 has been pinpointed as a pivotal, perhaps cataclysmic year in human history.What does this mean? Mother Earth doesn’t love her children anymore? No, but it’s her time to move on with her own destiny.  A destiny that takes her into a higher vibrational dimensional existence.  Unfortunately humanity is not matching her vibration.  We are stuck in the lower vibrations of hate, fear and ego. We have lost our connection with the greatest mother of all, and hence we have lost the connection with our selves.So we need to look within and ask ourselves, why are we here now?  What is this all about?  You may ask, “Did I really sign up to be here when it seems like all hell is breaking loose?”  I say you did, and your family did, and your friends did, and I did, too.  Life is a spiritual school and it’s almost graduation time.  It’s a spiritual graduation and we are being tested right now.  These are the finals, as we face oblivion, or at least a major metamorphosis. I would guess few of us have ever thought about this possibility or are emotionally prepared for what we will actually have to face in the days ahead.  Did you sign up for a master’s degree?  Are you ready to do the work involved in this school called life?  You’ll soon find out. As shift happens all around us—shifts politically, financially, environmentally and climatically—we will face life’s hardest decisions. Are we going to steal or be stolen from? Are we going to kill or be killed? These are the tests in the spiritual master’s program.  Are you ready to shift to a higher vibration of unconditional love with your Mother Earth?  Are her children going to stop fighting, stealing and killing each other? Are we going to learn to share and help each other—to love each other unconditionally? We’ll soon find out.

A new era is about to be born with all the pain and blood and joy and release that birth naturally entails. This is an exciting time as we are being born into a new dimension of higher consciousness.


As we look to Mother’s Day this year, I invite you to look at your larger Mother from your soul’s perspective and listen, listen closely this time to what she is telling you.  She has a message for you. Love your Mother—and your brothers and sisters—unconditionally, just as she has loved you and me. And not just your brothers and sisters in your immediate family, but in the whole human family as well. Mind your Mother because it’s almost graduation time!


 Gina E. Jones is an award-winning author and screenwriter in California, USA. Her book, Flying Between Heaven and Earth, was voted a finalist in The National “Best Books” 2007 Awards   (Fiction & Literature: New Age Fiction category)   For more information: Gina is also the founder of Scene The Light Productions, a multi-media company commissioned to bring inspiring and entertaining spiritual messages to Light. Her passion is the study of spirituality, metaphysics, prophecy, ancient civilizations, and nutritional health.             You can reach Gina E. Jones at: ©2008 Gina E. Jones / All Rights Reserved.

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