Part 4 in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work

The Cosmic Laws or First Cause Principles form the foundation for an understanding of metaphysics. The first Cosmic Law is the Law of Mentalism which underlines the need to be Awake, Alert, Mindful, noticing not only what is going on around us, but also what is going on inside… This law tells us that All begins with a thought – our thoughts are things and have the power to change our world. The Law of Mentalism explains how we can BE CAUSE, it explains how we are causal in our personal and global realities. Once we are in control of our thoughts, we can gain control of our lives – and we acquire the power to transform ourselves – and the world around us..

“The universe is a manifestation of divine consciousness, infinite mind… Thoughts are the underlying causitive principle and resource from which humans create reality. The best way of explaining this is with the statement, “You are responsible for, or affect your own reality.”… awakened, enlightened consiousness permits one to consciously create… Meditation is a way to still the mind, tame the thoughts, relax the emotions, heal the body, and change the world…

Understanding the law of mentalism helps us to see the Big Picture, to claim and own it. Doing this, we enter psychological space within the luminosity of our highest collective consiousness. This is the place from which conscious and responsible transformation of the Big Picture is happening… when we know how to see the Big Picture, we can take part in transforming it…. ” From the opening chapter of the book: “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Everyone’s Guide to the Coming Changes” by Moira Timms, (Ballantine Books, 1980, 1994, ISBN 0-345-36475-9).

One of our first recommendations for people who want to develop their psychic abilities is to take a course in meditation and to meditate daily. Meditation is about mindfulness, learning to notice and to focus, first on clearing our minds and energy fields, then on receiving insights – learning to see, and then to transform, the Big Picture. Through meditation we can learn to look more deeply into our own consciousness, and we can also begin to read the collective consciousness, to tap into the Universal Mindstream..

And once we learn to read the collective consciousness, and how to move with the universal mindstream, we are then able to begin consciously projecting our thoughts, feelings and loving actions into this consciousness, to actively participate in creating the world we want – and in changing our personal circumstances… We can begin to be the cause of our own joy and happiness, we can be the source of love and peace that we seek in others…

Applying the Law of Mentalism:

I believe a finely honed noticing skill is the essential first ingredient in the process of reclaiming our magical whole selves, our personal power and our psychic abilities. Taken to its finest level, noticing is reflected as psychic sensitivity – the willingness to be open to all of the forces, physical and non-physical that affect and influence our lives. Being psychic, sensitive, requires that you be constantly aware of – noticing- the abundance of information that you collect in your own four-field intelligence system, in your minds, bodies, feelings and heart.

Years ago, my guides introduced me to the concept of a four-field intelligence system – mind, will/feeling, heart/love, and body/action and showed me how each field moved… mind is very fast, active, thoughts fly out for our minds seeking other thoughts with which they can vibrate, gathering the energy to trigger the creative process.. will is a highly magnetic field, attracting to you those thoughts and feelings that support your creations… heart is the balancing force in creation, and action the grounding force…

The four-field intelligence system came to me as a basic model for creating and so we must be mindful – noticing – of what is going on within each of those fields within ourselves and in our outer worlds….

Thought is not limited to the activity of the mind…. Your feelings also produce thought, as does your body and your heart. All of these thoughts contribute to your ability to create what you want in life.

Have you ever wondered why things don’t work out the way you expected? Probably because your mind and body were heading in one direction while your feelings and heart were thinking of something else.

My sister, Paula, the psychologist in the family, was the first to twig me to the need to understand how physics applied to my work as a psychic. She stopped me in my tracks one day some 15 years ago when I got talking about positive thinking. “This positive thinking movement is making me angry. I have seen too many patients who have made their lives worse with those techniques.” When I followed her thought through, I saw immediately that the key problem was in that the process failed many people and as a result, they felt worse about themselves… due to all the focus on thought – and the words… feelings, heart and actions must be aligned with the thought in order for the positive thought to produce the positive results anticipated.

So, start noticing – it can put you in touch with your soul – and your power to create.

Creating the life you want is really just a matter of understanding the basic laws of physics….

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  1. Hi, I am new to all of this, but some time ago I seemed to wake up, and have since been trolling the internet. I notice that when people talk about one consciousness and meditating, I would like to know where reptilians running the world, transhumans, culling of the population and satan fit into this consciousness? I have done the wrong thing and spent hours on youtube re the above, and now I am fearful and feel sick most of the time. Add to that polar shifts, and everything else about to happen, my poor 60 year old heart is feeling very sick these days, and I am so depressed about my family and what they may face. I wish I could go back to living in ignorance, where I was happy with my little life. Just looking for a brief explanation as to where the above fits into this perfect dimension during meditation, or is it just an escape from the real world?

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