A Story of Pet Reincarnation

Funny how things work out… for example, that I should find myself living and working as a psychic when I am a natural born sceptic. For me, being sceptical is just a matter of “using my head”, as my mother used to tell us, applying common sense, even to paranormal experiences. I move past my doubts and questioning when experience validates a paranormal event. My belief in the spirit world came only after several spirits asked me to deliver some specific messages to friends and family… and when these messages proved to be timely, useful to the recipients, I accepted that I had, indeed been visited by the spirit of someone on the other side. Over the years, many different types if paranormal events created opportunities to validate my spirit connections, even to being able to prove certain past life experiences.

But there was one area that I left open… the subject of pet reincarnation.

Our Handsome Old Midnight

When Laura Simpson (the animal communicator associated with our site) told a client that they should watch for the return of a beloved pet, I often heard the thought “we’ll see”. Because I had been visited by pets who has passed on, I was inclined to believe that animals could and would reincarnate. But after some 45 years of living with animals, I had never actually experienced any of my pets returning for another go-round with us.. At one point I wondered if our cat Shadows was my old girl Squeak returned because Shadows knew a lot about her when she connected with me one afternoon to talk about Squeak’s passing. But then it became clear that Shadows was simply being true to her name and had allowed Squeak to overshadow her to communicate through her this one time.

And then there was Moon. Last winter our old boy Midnight suddenly decided to go. Within 24 hours two separate people told me he was coming back, to wait about 2 months and then go looking for another little black kitty. Around the middle of March, I started looking, but there aren’t many kittens around at that time of year, so it took me a few weeks to find her. When we did, she fit our criteria perfectly, a short-haired sweetie, black with a few white hairs under her chin. She bonded immediately with my son, a first sign that she might indeed, be Midnight’s reincarnation, since he had been Pat’s special buddy for years.

Little Moon, Our Baby Sphynx

Over the next weeks, Moon began to manifest more and more of Midnight’s preferences… she settled into his favourite hiding places, she is a “gush ball”, a noodle cat – like Midnight, relaxed as soon as she is picked up, happy to be cuddled… while Pat is her safe place, she comes to all of us, just like Midnight did. She’s chatty as he was, greets Pat when he enters the room and complains when he gets up and disturbs the cuddling. I often awaken briefly around the time the sun comes up to find Midnight, now Moon, looking out my bedroom window.

Still, I wasn’t convinced. Until the other day when I found the third vase of flowers dumped on the dining room table. Spilling water was one of Midnight’s frequent mishaps – he loved to drink the water from the flower vases – or any cup or glass left out… and so it seemed that I was always wiping up after him. I no longer leave flowers anywhere Moon can be tempted by the water. Either Midnight has been whispering in her ear, or she is remembering his old tricks.

So, Midnight’s back as Moon to to look out for is buddy Pat. He chose Pat for his special friend when he was a a year old, and it seems he’s decided to follow through on his commitment, now as Moon.

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  1. I’m glad you all have given Midnight/Moon a chance to be validated. What a miracle! Isn’t it wild how the Wheel of Life and Spirit dances for our knowledge? It’s good medicine for the heart to understand. We are really never left alone!

    Love, Laura

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