It only takes one experience, one connection with a loved one who has passed on, to know in your heart and for true and sure that we don’t die, we just change addresses. I came upon my work as a psychic and medium as a result of the contacts that spirit made with me over the years. I saw, felt, smelled, experienced too many spirits to doubt, and also to doubt that I was being called to do this work.

There are so many ways, and so many different reasons for spirit to connect with us – sometimes they want help, sometimes they want to help, to comfort us, to prove that they are still with us.  Sometimes they appear in a dream, sometimes we smell their perfume, their favourite flowers, or tobacco. Sometimes they move pictures and keys, or coins… however they make contact, it is always worth paying attention.

excerpts from Julie Aydlott’s book, Messages From Beyond.

“No one really knows what heaven looks like, where we go exactly, and if the Bible’s perception of the life ever after is how it actually is.  One thing I feel for certain, though. Within our earthly bodies are our eternal souls. Whether your belief is of eternal life in heaven, advancing to a higher plane, or non-existence, there are too many encounters with life after death to call them a mere coincidence. Some things just can’t be explained by science.  I truly believe that the mere existence of our soul is so far out of our conception of what’s possible that we won’t ever understand until we ourselves pass on. So many people try to rationalize miraculous events to such an extreme that it makes me believe in it even more.

From Wayne’s story:

“The last time I sensed Wayne around was in 2005, I was going through a tough time with my husband, and I drove to the Bellevue Marina. I was going to drive into the river. I sat there for fifteen minutes, looking at the water, when I smelled the faint smell of flowers. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I got turned around and was driving bacl out of the Marina. I guess Wayne really wanted me to know he was there, and didn’t want me to do anything so drastic. That’s the last time I smelled the flowers, I can’t prove it was him, but, I can’t prove that it wasn’t. All I know is when I smell the flowers, he is around.

From Lorraine’s Story

“I thought of Grandma, all that she has endured. Once again the smell of cigarette smoke lingered in the air. This time my daughters asked me who was smoking in the house. I replied that nobody is smoking in here and said I think Grandma is saying hi. My girls just smiled and said hi to their great-grandmother who fought so hard to see them grow.

I think my grandma is trying to tell us she is here for us, and although she can’t be here in body, she will be here in spirit. I find it comforting to know she is out there, beautiful, and is no longer in pain.”

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  1. Hello Robert-

    I have a question as to who the medium/psychic you had been to that initially channeled info. that changed your life?

    I am looking for a person like this.

    In appreciation, J-

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