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"I’ve spoken to Marie over the last decade. She has given me insights and information which has helped me navigate my life more effectively. Marie’s gift is the uncanny ability to see right to the ‘heart’ of any situation. I began speaking to Marie at age 33 and am now 45; over the years I’ve come to trust her. Wherever I am in my life, she is right there with me." Katherine, Dancer, Business Owner, Mom in Arkansas

An Interview with Marie

Danielle: About your professional background – how long have you been practicing? What got you started? What makes you stay with  it? Any special abilities, specialized services?

Marie: In addition to my traditional education in psychology, since 1972 I have studied with various spiritual teachers including Native American Medicine People I met on reservations, Taoist, Ayurvedic, and other holistic practioners. I have studied nutrition, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, Quantum Medicine and Energy work along with many other complementary and alternative body/mind/spirit health related practices.

I study primarily with an Entity channeled by a Taoist Master (since 1986).  For years this Entity encouraged me in becoming a Reader and Energy Worker.  He  (because the Entity is channeled in this country by a man, I use “he”) would have everyone do readings, and all would offer the same information, then he would ask me, and my reading would be completely different (as I wished I could fade into the ground).  He would then tell everyone (including me) that everyone was reading the surface and immediate future, however I was reading much deeper levels and much further into the future.  He also had me demonstrate energy work in public, again to build up my confidence in my skills.

I started charging money when I was at a workshop with my Teacher, and wanted to stay another week but did not have the money to pay for another week.  A friend at the workshop told everyone I did readings and charged money. There was a line up for readings, and being desperate to stay, I did the readings (sure they would all walk out in disgust), and that was the beginning of my professional services as a reader (1987)

Danielle: What would you say was your most dramatic reading in terms of what was revealed and how it impacted a client? Anytime you have found a reading or a spirit to be funny – as in amusing

The best was in the beginning when someone from my spiritual community came to talk to me about what was wrong with her husband. Of course I had to talk to her about her. She literally threw a check at me and left in a huff.  I was new still and was sure I had messed up. I saw her at my Teacher’s workshops all the time and would try to avoid her. One day, about two years later she came up to me, threw her arms around me and said “I don’t know if I ever told you, but that reading you gave me was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. It turned my whole life around.” Well, while welcoming the hug, I could have strangled her as well. It was a gift for me as it really taught me to trust my talent, no matter what the reactions.  Since then, this kind of thing has happened a few times—usually from people who are not on a spiritual path and who want a Reader to tell them what they want to hear.  I have had clients literally scream at me “you are wrong!” or even more fun, “you are wrong, all the others (psychics) have told me I am right!”  I have to wonder how much money someone like this has spent on other Readers in just to hear that they are “right.”

Danielle: How has your work as a psychic affected your personal life, how has it changed you? How did/do your family and friends react to your choice of work?

Marie: I was in the closet about my Talent for most of my life not only to avoid ridicule, but also because I am a Professor (PhD in Psychology) and the Intuitive Arts were not accepted as valid by mainstream culture. Happily, I now teach a course in Healing Arts and Spiritual Practices for PhD Business Majors, fun !!! And the Universities I have taught this class at publicize this side of my work and experience.  

Danielle: What keeps you motivated in the work and to keep growing and learning yourself? Anything else you want to say about you and your work?

Marie: Being a Talent, the only time I feel comfortable is being around animals, nature, or other Talents. My work gives me “permission” to stay where I am most happy—In the Spirit world. As for learning—it never stops coming. There is no question of motivation as this is all as natural and essential to me as breathing.

Danielle: Pets? Kids? Family? Hobbies, special interests? Favourite movies, music, TV, food, article of clothing?

Marie: I am a former dancer (modern, ballet), actor (Living Theater, Pina Bausch).  I still train my body, LOVE to scuba dive in the tropics and have been to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Belize, Honduras, Palau, Mexico, Bonaire, and other places for diving.

I live in a small town in Southern California at the bottom of Big Bear Mountain. I am owned by two  magical Arabian horses who live in my back yard, and sometimes ride competitive endurance (50 miles a day, sometimes for 5 days in a row).  I spend most of my free time in nature with my dogs, or riding the ponies, and I still meditate and have a strong spiritual practice.

Marie's Specialties

Numerology Life Path Charts
Life Path Consultations
Life Lesson Readings
Name Analysis/Changes
Health and Wellness Readings
Osho Zen Card Readings
Sacred Path Native American Cards
Conflict Resolution in Personal/Business
Pet Readings


"Thank you so much for a very insightful report, each time I read it, I discover a new perspective to view my life… All the best," Pirja

Marie's Professional Psychology and Professor Background: 

I have been in the educational field since I was 17 years old. At that time I received my first training in psychology from Phoenix House and National Training Laboratories in group dynamics and group and family therapy. I was hired as a community organizer by the Quakers (Religious Society of Friends and for 7 years I lived and worked in some of the poorest urban ghettos in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC as well as Western Native American reservations. I organized food cooperatives and ran workshops on conflict resolution and on community organizing skills for prisoners and guards, teenagers, parents, police, and local community leaders.

My continued years of teaching have included working with underrepresented populations as well as with brilliant and gifted students.  The colleges I taught at, and currently teach at, have an extremely diverse student population with representatives from all ethnicities, religious and economic backgrounds. I have been responsible for mentoring staff and faculty teaching learning styles and multicultural awareness leading discussions on how to incorporate that information into the classroom and teaching approaches. I have also worked as a corporate trainer, adult education for underprivileged populations, and have taught English to immigrants fleeing from war torn countries.

With  PhD in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicines, I am interested in a body/mind/spirit approach to healing and have had a strong personal spiritual practice of meditation and study since the 1970’s.  In addition to my traditional education in psychology, I have studied with various spiritual teachers including Native American Medicine People I met on reservations, Taoist, Ayurvedic, and other holistic practioners. I have studied nutrition, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies, and many other complementary and alternative body/mind/spirit health related practices. I am a private consultant for people seeking lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of their lives. I use meditation and body/mind techniques in conjunction with my academic psychological background to work with people on issues of relationships, depression, anxiety, work issues and the pursuit of general well-being including finding peace and contentment.

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