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  Wow!!! Your readings were really amazing and I feel they are totally true. Thank you very very much for helping me so far! All the best,  Gergana

Omg I love this woman! I have called her a few times over the last year and she has been 110% right every time! Even when it isn’t something I want to hear she is always spot on! I highly recommend her if you want someone honest and caring. WARNING: she will tell you the truth good or bad so just be prepared! And to those who read this, I’m an advisor too so I’m VERY particular on who reads me! Carmen deserves one million stars! Thanks for everything! Xoxoxoxo

An Interview with Carmen:

Sequestered in the plains of southern Ontario, Carmen Miro took some time out from her busy schedule to meet online with her colleague Danielle. As Carmen benevolently patted her cats as they brushed by the reeds around her patio, Danielle sent the questions on from her video chat platform. Scintillating in the sun, they exchanged the summary of Carmen’s life, in its entirety.

Danielle: “What do you like about where you live?”
Carmen “Living in Ontario one has to be imaginative. It’s difficult to place a feeling to it as there are so many cultures here now. From time to time I imagine back when we were a trading post for some of the biggest First Nations tribes on the lake, and then it became a hub for much of the colonial past.  I like the marshes and the golden fields in the summer and the sweltering humidity in the summer. Canadians also have this knack for maintaining their farmland and making it pretty. Often trees are perfectly planted and the Canadians are a seemingly quiet, peaceful sort.”

Danielle: Do you have Pets? Kids? Family? Hobbies, special interests?
Carmen “Well, I have two cats, a large grey dog, and some basic orchids. I like to play with the dust bunnies. It’s a small cozy home. My family lives all over the world. I am childless and barren ( lol ) – not barren, but childless. My clients are like my kids. I don’t mind this. As an empath I would say its important to keep a clean field or aura and not smudge my social life up with too many people or family! Even my cats can be intense…”

Danielle:  “What are your favourite movies, music, TV, food, article of clothing?
Carmen I have watched in my lifetime over 5000 movies. Really I have. I took all the days I have been working from home into account, where I lived, and just in under 10 years at two movies a day while I worked from home I have to say I became an Independent Film Channel junkie and watched mainly documentaries,science fiction and obscure dystopian society movies. To date I would say I would still vote for Blade Runner, Encounters of the Third Kind and Dune being my top three. I trained in animation once so I have a tonne of favourites in that department. I do not watch TV much anymore. I tend to like watching uplifting and solid story lines and I am lucky to be near a superb video store.

I used to want to work in fashion design so I have to say I have no preferred items of clothing, even though I would say I do tend to still work with the classics. I always accent an outfit with an unusual piece, accessory or color, and rarely wear prints.

I have cut wheat from my diet, and I don’t miss it. On occasion I have to stop myself from buying a loaf of bread. I discovered seafood and I tend to eat loads of salads. I snack late at night. Do you? I live where I live we have lots of interesting eating, and I am surrounded by my favourite foods. So so many… Vietnamese,  Sumerian, Mayan, eastern Patagonian…

Danielle: “What are you into – eg any sports, music, dance, drama?”
Carmen: “ I work out five or six days a week. I was in a car accident so I have to. Some days are too painful to work out. I tend to write a lot, and worry about my clients most of the time, so this is a stress management tool. I love riding my bike, for hours and hours and hours. I paint and sell my art work. I have found my art work to be psychic so sometimes I tend to avoid painting so I don’t worry myself or others!”

Danielle: “What do you like to do when you have time to “play” Where do you like to relax?, what would be your ideal vacation?
Carmen “I love music so when I come across electronic bands visiting our area I tend to check them out. I don’t have much time off. I can’t just say ‘stuff you!’ to a good client of mine going through a personal crisis, and since there are so many clients, I never get time off. I just tend to take moments. I don’t mind, I love working on puzzles. I love walking and I tend to mingle. I am always working on projects, and must say, how can one take a break with so many wonderful ideas and people to work with? My ideal vacation believe it or not, would be going to Antarctica or Patagonia. I love deserted, rough, scoured landscapes with few humans. I love painterly landscapes…I love challenge. I did manage to do this type of trip a few years ago along the east coast of Africa, so I would say I could take it a step further and really try and disappear! I would settle for Northern Ontario or Northern Quebec  – and I am going to hurry before the ice caps melt.”

Danielle: “Professional – how long have you been practicing? What got you started? What makes you stay with  it?
Carmen: “I got into this work during a transit strike – we could not look for work or get to work. I got lots of encouragement and stuck with it because I kept getting repeat clients. I then started working on my philosophy which was about trying to help people understand each other through empathy. I noticed there were none online, I started a listing for telepathic work in 2003 and my blog began in 2005. Since then I have been trying to understand people, their motives, their fears and their desires. I felt this would be a gateway to peace and understanding – so many of us looked cut off from the media, the advertising and the lack of spirituality or human understanding out
there. I also felt that internet culture was going to rob us of our last shred of humanity by allowing us to be formless and without body or consequence. I still am trying to work through this quagmire of beautiful, lost and lonely people and remind them to hang onto real life, and to not get swept up and become part of a coded planet or to lose their souls to their personal internet islands and their own private worlds. I am desperate to help people get through some terrible trauma and a tough, tragic last few years. It’s been a terrible time for so many.

Danielle: “ Do you have any special abilities, specialized services?
Carmen: “ I heard about empathy back in ’92 through my brother, and from Star Trek. It always made sense to me, and I worked on the problem. I started noticing patterns with my moods and other people’s. I also started loosely working with my friends and we monitored each others thoughts and feelings. I am an empath and can ‘taste’ what a person feels, really. That’s the only way to describe it. I also understand people’s pain, and the mistakes they make. My speciality is trying to help them forgive themselves for terrible mistakes they made or keep making, and help them move on.  I have other talents but I have written very little about them and keep them to myself for now! I like secrets… I like keeping your secrets too, that’s my talent.

Danielle: “What would you say was your most dramatic reading in terms of what was revealed and how it impacted a client?
Carmen: “ I have worked through some news agencies and I was able to help get information out regarding certain natural disasters and events for some time. I have worked with volunteers on certain disasters and public issues. The worst set of dreams I had was about the Japanese Tsunami, especially since I had a prescience it would happen months prior. This was psychologically scarring as I was working with some of the victims in real life, and dreaming of other victims that had passed on. I remember seeing the bodies of dead children in the water. I cannot imagine what it would be like to work in forensics, but that is what my dreams are like. I do hear from people that have passed and I do try and get the information to the right people when I can.

Danielle: “Has there been anytime you have found a reading or a spirit to be funny – as in amusing?
Carmen: “You mean the time my exes ex- girlfriend called me for a reading on my ex? ;) But yes, I do find God has a sense of humour. I find it fascinating, but then, some of the events would not be seen as funny per se. I don’t tend to laugh at people’s problems.”

Danielle: “How has your work as a psychic affected your personal life, how has it changed you? How did your family and friends react to your choice of work? Carmen: “ I have become incredibly psychic. I was probably somewhat so but now I have to say I get better daily. I never knew that reading for over 20 000 people would make me so attuned. I never looked for it, nor asked for it, I just found the science interesting.  The difference is I have a genuine interest and worry about my clients. I do know that they are very lost and sad, and helping them gives me something to live for. I do make a difference and that makes me feel better. We need genuinely compassionate people on this planet, and not people trying to make money off of sadness, as I have witnessed a lot.  My friends often try and get free readings, and I try and not give them out. I try not to talk about it, and I do work in other areas such as painting or publishing,  so I can go ‘undercover’ and pretend not to be a psychic! I am not embarrassed, I just don’t like being seen as ‘better’ – having ‘more info’ or being ‘weird’ and right now its kind of trendy, so even more reason not to mention it.  Really I just do what I do, I am not even that spiritual, and it works well for me and for my clients. My family and friends have a lot of respect for me.”

Danielle: “What keeps you motivated in the work and to keep growing and learning yourself?
Carmen: “Human pain! I have a genuine fascination and interest in understanding why we keep hurting ourselves.

I wish for genuine peace in our world. I do know that many of us are too different to really understand each other, but there are basics in life that are understood regardless of creed, nationality, religion or gender – and this is the basic understandable philosophy of not inflicting further pain. This can be done through understanding why the person has disregard for him or herself, and as long as they understand that they can transmute it, that that is not abnormal, then they will learn they will attract some incredible luck or genuine protection into their lives. The notion of ‘thinking well’ comes through allowing people to feel, express how they feel, and allow for the truth, but most importantly  not at the cost of others. Many people feel they cannot speak up, so they become more emotional and angrier and more depressed.  I have felt every emotion possible, and can describe them all and understand their motivations. I wish for a world where we can feel free enough to speak up. I also wish for some free time one day for myself – perhaps I will write my book and retire, though I could never ever let my dear family ( strange and incredible people of our beautiful planet ) go on their own for good.

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