At its most basic level, connecting with spirit is a simple matter of tuning into the frequency of the spirit with whom you want to communicate, like dialing to the right station on the radio. Meditation makes it possible to find that frequency and then to open the communications.

Spirits can communicate with us through our 5 inner senses:

  • Clairvoyant –clear inner seeing
  • clairaudience—clear inner hearing
  • clairsentience—clear inner feeling
  • clairolfactory –clear inner smelling
  • clairgustance— clear inner taste

We develop these inner senses through meditation which involves concentrating on something to take our attention beyond the scattered thought activity that is usually going on in our heads. This can involve focusing on your breath or a solid object or picture, or a candle, or repeating a mantra,  or working with a guided visualization.

Meditation is a powerful way of opening up to the spirit world… and it is also useful for clearing, centering, focusing, receiving inspiration, de-stressing, relaxing…. meditation connects you with yourself, gives you a chance to notice what’s going on in and around you. And it’s not such a big deal… while it helps to have a quiet, peaceful room, to be sitting or lying comfortably and have some soothing music playing in the background, these aren’t necessary. In fact, I’ve had some of my most powerful meditations while doing the dishes, washing the floors, taking a bath, driving the car, preserving peaches, sun-bathing at the beach, walking in the forest and staring at the stars…. in other words, we can drop into a meditative state just about anywhere, anytime, and most of us do, without even realizing it.

So what am I doing when I say I am meditating? First I am withdrawing, taking time to notice how I feel and what’s going on in my body, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually… I take time to listen to my heart and to generate some loving feeling… I think one of the biggest objectives of the exercise is to relax for awhile and give myself time to notice, both myself and my world… and ALL of my world – the physical world as well as the world of spirit….

I start the process with some deep breathing, long big deep breaths into my belly, filling my lungs, and releasing slowly. This helps me to center and ground, gets my attention focussed on what I plan to do. Then I’ll take a moment to adjust my position to notice how I feel physically and settle my body into the process. As I continue breathing deeply, with my third eye, I’ll scan my energy fields, see what’s up… then I may pose a question, or do a visualization exercise, or simply just relax and breathe…. Sometimes thoughts, messages, ideas come up, sometimes I send them away and just try to center on my core question – or on relaxing – sometimes I’ll stay with the thought and see where it takes me… Sometimes nothing happens, but I now am relaxed and ready to take on the world… and sometimes the messages come later, while I’m focussed on the highway, or on the pot I’m scrubbing…. meditation makes it so much easier to notice what’s there to be seen, felt and heard.

I most often use meditation to connect with myself, but there are times when I want to connect with my guides or a particular spirit on the other side.  So once I have quieted my mind and settled my body, I will turn my inner focus to other dimensions and “put out a call” for the spirit with whom I want to connect… when I do, I will visualize them… but most often they appear before I get to that stage…

It is important to notice everything about the connection… messages from the other side are embedded in every detail… what the spirit looks like, how they feel, any words or thoughts that come all have meaning. In a meditative state it is much easier to maintain the focus on the connection to take in the complete message.

Meditation is the first step in opening up psychically… a must for connecting with spirit… highly desirable for connecting with self and moving along the spiritual path.

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