In my work as a psychic, I occasionally come upon a client questioning their relationship because s/he “is not as spiritual as I am.” Frankly that puzzles me, I don’t know how we can measure another’s spirituality…

My response typically goes something like this:

“First off, it is not exactly spiritual to be judging another’s place on the path… all has purpose, they are where they are for a very good reason and although they may appear in the moment to be behind you, in the bigger/longer picture, they may actually be ahead of you. Secondly, it really doesn’t matter where we are on the  path so long as we are moving forward in some ways… for example, my son is developmentally disabled… I don’t care when he learns compassion and gratitude, I just care that he does… if he “gets” the lesson at 40, instead of 15, it only matters that he did eventually get it….

Appearances are deceiving… spirituality, unlike religion, is not obvious… it doesn’t require attendance at church or participation in a community of like-minded others… it isn’t something that is “preached.”

While spiritual practices like meditation and prayer enrich our spiritual lives, they do not make a person spiritual. It is in the application of spiritual principles to everyday life that identifies spirituality in us.

Few of my friends would say they are spiritual… but in knowing them, I see that they are… they live with integrity, they are compassionate, responsive to the needs of their family and their environment, committed to doing their best at whatever they do….  they work hard, they love, they pray. They accept people as they are, without judgment, and they accept that they are a small part of a bigger picture, a Oneness; they respect and even honor Mother Nature, and they do their best to walk gently on this great planet. Whatever their outer lives may present, their inner, private lives reflect a depth and soulfulness that can only be called spirituality…

Living a spiritual life is about seeing God’s essence in All…  being willing to learn and grow… not so much in terms of acquiring skills and knowledge, but more in experiencing and sharing love – unconditionally.

Mother Theresa is an excellent example of a spiritual person… as a nun, she certainly expressed her spirituality in prayer and a commitment to service… but her focus in life was not her spirituality, but  the children, the poor and the hungry, the needy… she did not spend her time preaching about God, but rather she lived her spirituality and preached about the need to care for others, to be more aware of those who needed help. She used her spirituality as a platform, a springboard into taking whatever positive action she could to better the world. Her intent was not to become famous, to make money, to be spiritual or to attract converts to her faith… she had one simple drive – to feed, clothe, teach and do whatever she could to help those in need.

Spirituality is expressed in the values we choose to live by…  in reaching for understanding, acceptance and gratitude, being willing to do our inner work, noticing and addressing our fears and imbalances, in choosing love and forgiveness and avoiding judgment of ourselves and others… Dancing, singing, preparing a meal, a walk on the beach, pulling weeds from the garden, changing a child’s diaper, washing our floors, can all be expressions of our spirituality. We express our spirituality in our laughter, our creativity, in embracing every aspect of our lives with love and gratitude,  joy and enthusiasm.

Spirituality is immeasurable, but the ways we can express our spirituality are limitless…

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