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My life has taken on a surreal tone in the past week, not so unusual for me, but these events make me really wonder…

The first is something of a mystery…  I was booked for a Pulmonary test last Friday at 9 AM, but when I arrived at the unit in University Hospital, I discovered that the hospital’s power supply had been cut and I was sent home to rebook, for Jul 13. Then I miscalculated the date and arrived at the hospital for my appointment on July 12… here’s the mystery… later in the day I heard that the hospital’s power supply was accidentally cut a second time just moments after I realized my mistake and was leaving the hospital.  Two major outages while I am there, once by mistake…I have no idea what this could mean…

The second unusual event is an even bigger mystery. First a little background.  Phil, the Global Psychics astrologer and I met in the late 80’s at a chanelling session in the Boston area.  Within minutes of meeting, Phil made a statement that in the end changed our lives. What he said was “When I was in Egypt six weeks ago, I was told that I would meet a woman who could help me to channel my guides, and you’re it.”  Much to my surprise, I could and there began a most amazing chapter in our lives.  Soon I was finding as many as 30 people gathered in my living room every Monday night.  We prayed amd meditated together, and used the time to connect with our guides.  I channelled Isaiah, Phil channeled Ike and many other members of the group made similar connections with their guides… we learned a lot in these sessions… about ourselves, our guides.. and the transformation that was opening all around us.  We explored how it was that we created our realities… we met with a few extra terrestials, and we projected ourselves forward to see what we could see about 2012. Then, as suddenly as the group came together, it dispersed.  I decided to move back to Toronto, and soon after many others of the group moved on to other locations… I stayed in touch with a few people, but contacts were sporadic. When I opened Global Psychics, a few more of these folks found me, and Phil even joined our team… but in the past week, one of the group has managed to connect most of the “core group” and now we’re reaching out to others who worked with us… it has been fascinating to see how we have changed and grown – and how our work together 20 years ago continues to influence us today.

My question though is why now? I suspect it has soemthing to do with what we saw back then for 2012… and???? There’s an “and” – a purpose to this reconnection that perhaps only time can tell… we shall see.. in the meantime, I love it that life continues to present these lovely little mysteries.

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