Being psychic is in all of us, it is a birthright, a natural ability. Instinct alerts us to danger… In our cave man days, instinct led us away from harm and to the best places and times to hunt, fish or gather edibles…Without instinct, we might not have survived. Even today, whether we know it or not, instinct drives many of our interactions with the world around us. As in any human activity, some of us are naturally very talented, especially tuned in to the people and events around us.

Interesting that you really don’t know that you are psychic until someone reacts to you…. I thought everyone could see and sense what I did, had no idea that I was “different” (according to today’s standards) until people close to me noticed. My mother said I knew too much but never said how… It wasn’t until my twenties, when my son was just a few years old that a boyfriend kept pointing out how often my dreams and off-the-cuff insights proved true… there was the time when an old friend called.. a man we didn’t often see, he lived like a hermit in the country… as soon as I heard the phone ring, I called out “tell Pente to come for dinner.” When Russ picked up the phone to hear Pente’s voice, he dropped it on his foot… exclaiming “Danielle, you have to stop doing that to me…”  I didn’t question what I just “knew”…. and it didn’t dawn on me that others couldn’t know  so clearly….

You don’t have to practice as a psychic to be psychic… it is in all of us to be able to tap into our intuition to guide us through life… which means that it is a valuable exercise to work on developing your natural psychic ability- but where to begin?

Here are three ways to open up to your psychic self.

  1. One of the most valuable steps you can take to build your abilities is to meditate daily… meditation serves to clear the airways so you can hear your Higher Self and see with your Third Eye, the center of objective reasoning… Meditation enables you to hear and see true….
  2. Learn to trust yourself. The key to using your psychic abilities is trust…  it’s about believing in yourself…  listening to your inner voices and noticing what your senses are picking up. I accepted what  I knew about that phone call, it was a natural reaction when I heard the phone ring. I could hear Pente’s voice and so without questioning, I called out…. One way to build trust is to keep a journal and review it often.   Use your journal to make 3 predictions for the next day…. and then check back… Over a fairly short period of time you should find that your predictions are increasingly accurate.
  3. One of the most useful ways of developing your abilities is to learn the language of signs and symbols, connecting with nature and allowing it to speak to you. Every element of the natural world, from the sun and moon and stars to the numbers, animals and birds around us carry messages that can help us make better choices. And don’t be surprised if that big old tree in your backyard actually communicates directly with you.

Set the intent to connect with your power to know and read whatever you can find about being psychic and communicating with spirit and with nature.

The greatest reward for developing your psychic abilities is that you deepen your connection with life… your interactions with the natural world become more meaningful. Being able to sense what is going on around you can protect you from harm…. more importantly, it can help you to perform better on the job and go easier in your relationships.


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