I have been receiving some pretty consistent messages on a couple of topics, so I thought I would share them.

About the Canadian Elections: If Harper, the current Canadian current Prime Minister succeeds in his goal of finally getting a majority government, it will be by a very slim margin.  From the beginning of this election I saw that Jack Layton and the NDP were well-positioned to give Harper a good run for his money… and that’s exactly what’s been happening… although I don’t see him as P.M., I expect Layton will be the leader of the Opposition.  I see the Liberals have made a huge mistake in selecting Michael Ignatieff as their leader, and that this election will be in a sense, the last straw, for the party.  A change in leadership, and strategy will be necessary very soon if the Liberals want to recover in time for the next election.

About the weather this summer:  For North America, and also Europe, the words that come are “cool, wet, and turbulent”. Severe flooding in coastal areas again this year, but torrential downpours will also push many rivers and streams past their banks. Storm season in all parts of the globe will be especially stormy this year.  Sadly, this will also lead to food shortages as crops basically rot in the fields in some areas… a great year to grow your own veggies as much as possible, even if it’s just a few tomato plants and some greens…

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