About Matt’s work as a Medical Intuitive and healing arts practitioner.

Matt DiLorenzo first came to Global Psychics as a client, some decade or more ago… and one of his questions, way back when, was whether he should let go of his day job to work full-time as a healing arts practitioner.  Although I hadn’t experienced his work yet, the reading was clearly indicating a big Yes!   And when he did a test session with me soon after, I knew I wanted him to be part of  the Global Psychics team.  Over the years, Matt has helped me and other members of the team, and also the business in some extraordinary ways.  He has an awesome talent for moving energy, relieving pain, anxiety and releasing negative energy that has attached itself to an entity.  For example, some time last year, I became aware of some energetic interference around Global Psychics, so I called Matt to check for me, and to clear anything that might be there.  Not only did he clear the energy, but was able to identify the source. He gave me a physical description and a general location – enough information for me to be able to follow up.  When I checked with the one person who might be a connection to the source, he was immediately able to tell me what it was about…. validating Matt’s work, and ensuring that no other follow up would be necessary. I’ve called on Matt when the arthritis pain has become overwhelming, when I suffer from insomnia, when I need an energy boost, when I feel stuck and need to move energy around the business… his work is a little mysterious… he is a distance healer, works over the phone from his home in Italy, and unlike a reading, there is no “obvious” product delivered. I can feel him working on me, but many clients report that they feel nothing during the session… but feel wonderful after!

One of Matt’s clients recently asked about about his work, and since the answers explain a little about what’s involved in spiritual healing, I wanted to share them with you.

-“How” do you do what you do? as in do you see/feel/hear the energy?

All three. I see the energy and the energetic blocks and or pain, can feel the discomfort, pain etc. of my clients if I choose to, and can hear the voice of what is locked in their bodies, i.e.the thought or emotion that is frozen in them that they are trying to suppress. Note that none of these are essential to being a good healer. They are useful in diagnosis, but not essential.

– How long did it take you to gain the confidence to actually do this for strangers?

Probably about ten years. I waited until I had learned enough from my many failures on friends and associates so that my success rate was significantly better than my failure rate. Also, by that time I had worked on a wide variety of common  ailments and knew what to do in most common cases. What helped me more than anything else was to constantly ask for feedback from the people I worked on. That way I knew when a technique I was using was valid or not.

– Do you have any resources with more information on Coherent healing/ medical intuitive?

There are schools that teach medical intuition. I learned by trial and error and have no experience with them. I would advise you to trust what you perceive, trust your intuition and go with that unless you see it doesn’t work. Also, learn as much as you can about the mind body connection. Study yourself in depth, discover and remove all your own false beliefs. Most chronic diseases have their base in an emotional disconnect caused by a false belief and the work you do on yourself will help you immensely with those you try to help later.

Finally, technique does not matter. What does matter is the power of your intent to heal and a deep knowledge of self.

I wish you well on your exciting journey, Matt

I am a medical intuitive and a psychic healer and I specialize in working with people at a distance. I developed my healing skills after many years of focused introspection and have been healing people all over the world for more than 18 years. The act of distance healing involves a close and coherent exchange of healing energies and, ultimately, of Life itself. For me, serving you is both a high honor and a profound privilege – in healing you, I heal myself. Together, we help heal the world around us.
Matt DiLorenzo

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