One of the most common questions from young psychics is: “how do I develop my telekinetic abilities?” Our first response is always “why do you want do?” Professional psychics view telekinesis as a kind of parlour trick, amusing, interesting, but there are better ways to use these abilities.

Telekinetic incidences usually occur when we are in a heightened emotional state… and they are usually happenstances in that they occur unexpectedly, often when we’re angry or very upset… poltergeist activity is another example of telekinetic work – and a good example of why to avoid focussing on that work specifically.

If you really want to make good use of your telekinetic abilities, you are best advised to direct this energy into some healing work where you can really do some good for folks… having telekinetic ability would naturally mean that you are able to move energy – and that’s what healing is about… Reiki is a wonderful way of  developting and then using telekinetic abilities for a positive purpose.

You must look at your real reasons as to why you want telekinetic powers. How would you use them to help humanity? If you don’t have a definite answer, you will not be able to develop them effortlessly at this time.

Hi. I have never encountered telekinesis, but I have this deep desire to learn and, I don’t doubt the possibility of me doing it in the near future. I have done some internet search concerning the topic and, I have a fair idea about it. Please, tell me some of the things that can hinder my success in TK. Also, kindly include some info concerning how I can possibly use TK to ‘heal’. Thanx.

I’m not an expert on telekinesis, but every once in a while some strange TK-like things have happened around me, mostly of the things falling down or breaking variety. The details aren’t as important as was my state of mind at those times, when I was unusually angry or frustrated. Carl Jung’s experiences of such events are chronicled in his writings about synchronicity, and he can explain the mysteries surrounding these energetics much better than I can here.

I think everyone has probably toyed with the idea of having some sort of super-powers like TK, yet I don’t believe everybody has fully examined their motivations for wanting them. For instance, TK would certainly come in handy while standing in the line at a bank, incanting “Open sesame!” to the vault door and “Come to papa!” as the twenties and hundreds flew through the air. That would definitely be my retirement plan – if – I could do it and – if – I could get away with it, two big ifs that would probably screw-up my karmic path for many future lives as a homeless beggar. Theft is just plain bad juju.

On the other hand, subtle forms of TK are involved in vibrational healing techniques like Reiki and omnidenominational prayer. When this is done correctly with the purest of intentions – without regards for personal reward – can be a highly worthy ambition. In fact, such a self-less approach to TK allows for higher energies to flow more easily and more powerfully through us than any selfishly motivated TK ever could.

I hope this has helped. Peace, Phil

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  1. Good article.

  2. There are many good reasons why a person would want to learn telekinesis. You mentioned healing, shouldn’t they practice their mind control before opertating on living things? A person may know surgery but if they don’t have a steady hand they shouldnt be operating. Furthermore, evolution. Maybe they want to evolve into beautiful angelic Jedi Superhumans that can fly around etc. Or maybe they just want to prove telekinesis and have that as means for scientific research, no other form of psychokinesis is as researchable. Maybe they just want to dissolve into God, we are all on personal journey to self-actualization. Don’t ask them why like they’re stupid, stupid people downplay its importance everywhere. A wiseman looks for those pearls in the world and helps them cultivate their potential.

    • Hi Dathan : You might bring to this life that knowledge, from a past live(s).

      And if so, it shows up telekinesis when you are in the right environment meaning with a group of people practicing these abilities.  Search with an open heart. Love. Compassion. That is the key.

      So long



  3. Hola : Master telekinesis :

    Eres maestro y no sabes ?


    Google " Toate, master SHIGERU  EGAMI "

    I had an experience where my partner and I had been hit by energy I did transfer from the Sun, and we almost fell to the ground. This is real, my experience. But you have to have the juices as my Reiki master told us…maybe.

    It might be because I have years and years of practice of Reiki Symbol Meditation daily… Also maybe if you belong to the White Ray meaning that in natural form you work with White Light because you both belong to each other….many people have this relationship.

    Agre is nothing, search in google for Karate or so : " Master Shigeru Egami : Toate ", he did work with this powerful energies.

    Also get into " gamma waves, brainwaves "… for this look " New York City Gamma Waves Testing ".

    I believe ( inner knowing ) that gamma waves are working through me, naturally.  You have to have compassion for everything, including universes…


    See you later.



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