by Michael Griff, numerologist

These master numbers are written like this 11/2, 22/4, 33/6 and so on up the scale to the highest number.  It is written this way to honor both sets of energies that are represented in the numbers.

The double digits, the twin energies of one number, are indicated by the 11’s, by the 22’s and the 33’s that are written.  These numbers are the higher potential for the individual who has a master number in any of the five pathways of the chart.

Each of this master number energy requires a particular self-mastery of the energies represented. For personal discipline is the key when dealing with these intense energies of the master numbers.

When dealing with these intense energies of a master number in your life there will be stress involved and that stress comes from staying centered and balanced at all times.  There are two sets of energies involved and there is a tendency for the person to be pulled between the two different energy fields.

Master numbers indicate spiritual gifts that make them highly sensitive to intuition, extra sensory perception and the world of higher guidance, including celestial beings, other life realities, and universal spiritual laws.

Master numbers people have greater ability and potential than others to get in touch with their own higher guidance; their higher spiritual selves.  Many numerologists feel that the master number person, who has a master number in their soul path, in particular has a greater developed spiritual life and understanding.

Even more so if they are actually paying attention to the spiritual realms.

Each of us has the personal responsibility to account for our actions and the results of those actions.

No matter which of these energies is within the pathways there are both a positive and negative aspects of the energies.

It is up to the individual which aspect of the energy to follow and allow prevailing in our lives.

The energies of the Master number are much more intense for the person to deal with.  Many have trouble coping and finding the balance between the positive and negative energies.

The majority of master number people are very sensitive to the energies and emotion around them; if they allow the negative aspect to rule out then things can go very negative for them quickly, becoming moody and depressed.  It is very important to achieve balance and meditation is important phase of developing the spiritual man/woman.

As for all master number there is a requirement for a high vibration and balance of these energies.  People with master numbers are usually very creative and intuitive and very emotionally sensitive to their surrounding.

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