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Manifesting Our Dreams

It takes more than Vision Boards, and visualization to attract what we want in life. Manifesting our dreams requires that we make changes from the inside out. Not only do we need to notice our negative thoughts and feelings and change them, and then get into action behind our goals, but we also have to pay attention to our fears, angers and resentments – and these aren’t quite so easy to connect with since they are usually buried deep within our subconscious selves.
The place to start with any manifestation work is with the words you use to define your goals and speak your dreams.

I would just like someone’s opinion on whether I may have a curse or something over me, as it seems that absolutely nothing goes right in my life. All the good things that I envision and dream about, never come true or happen. But all the bad things that I hope and pray won’t happen – do happen. I had a life plan but nothing has come of it. I also seem to have anxieties about things that have nothing to do with me. Please can someone give me some help or insight as im really desperate. Lauren.

Manifesting is something that you have to do correctly or you end up manifesting things you don’t want to. Praying for something “not” to happen kind of brings it to you.  Pray for the opposite of what you don’t want to happen. Ie. You pray not to have any bills. Manifesting in this way will bring you bills. If you are going to ask for something pray that all your bills are paid and there is a divine surplus. Get some books by Esther Hicks and find out how to do your manifesting correctly so you can have your hearts’ desire. The good part about your letter is that you can obviously manifest so now just manifest the right things. Good luck. Sharon 

What is important to understand is that paying attention to the words we use also helps us connect with how we feel about ourselves.  It enables us to connect with our soul-selves, our sub-conscious drives and the childhood programs that can undermine our efforts to manifest our goals.

Pay attention, you could be suprised at what you learn about yourelf! And awed by your ability to manifest your dreams!

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