Like so many, I was shocked and appalled – and angry – at what happened in Orlando last week-end. Again, one man's hatred has targeted and terrorized a vulnerable community.  It makes me sad that so many are so disenfranchised by society these days that they are open to being radicalised and drawn to respond to a call to battle, a battle ultimately  between love and hate, trust and fear… The disaster in Orlando was a direct attack on Love… it is not appropriate to respond with hatred or a desire for vengeance…. yes, indeed this is a battle, we are at war, but this is not a war against terrorists, but a war against hate… and the only way to fight it successfully is to exude love for all, including those we perceive to be our enemies.

Love is a balancing force, so when we actively generate it from within and then approach every situation – including battle – with love in our hearts, we find that there can be a way for both sides to put down their swords – before using them.

Being committed to being loving, no matter what, and therefore to listening to the other and then finding the value, seeing the purpose in every situation, can lead us naturally, magically, to solutions.

Let us Lead with Love.

Let us Inspire Love

Inspiring Love – A Visualization Exercise

Take a few big deep breaths…. feel yourself grounded and relaxed…. then visualize someone or something you love… take a moment to really feel the love you have for this person or thing… let it kind of fill you up with good feelings – remember some especially loving moment and charge yourself with this love… see the love flowing in and around you as a pink and green light, (the colours of Divine Love) glowing and warm, brilliant…

Now see this light slowly spreading out, infusing the area around you with the pink and green light, and all the good feelings that you have just experienced… see yourself surrounded by this beautiful light, see it radiating from you as you move around your world… see it moving further and further out. Visualize the planet being surrounded by this light, see it reaching into the darkest corners of the world, see it touching and softening the hearts of the haters in the world, see it inspiring more and more love in every person and every thing on the planet.

The loving energy you generate in this exercise will encourage some balance to be restored, and this balancing opens the doors for new solutions to be presented…. this is how love works…. and the more of us who are working to inspire love in others, the more love there is to minimize and eventually stop the work of the haters.

Loving raises one’s vibrational frequency – and as you raise your frequency, those around you will be naturally inclined to raise theirs.

Thus, through the simple act of loving, you effectively change the world…

Love is real Power – use it well – and often!

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