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Love – a Powerful Force

Love makes the world go round…

I have good reason to believe that love has power… and to celebrate the love I share… when love is present, there is balance and warmth, growth, excitement, desire, anticipation…. hope, kindness, responsibility, appreciation, gratitude… a loving attitude attracts prosperity, friendships – and romance, if you want it…

Now Valentine’s Day is upon us and lots of folks are expecting some excitement… then there are folks like me – I will probably buy my own goodies and spend the evening with family and friends. I may be happily single, but I love to celebrate this particular day, a day to honour the love in our lives. Valentine’s is as good an excuse as any to treat us all to some good chocolate.  I’ll bake some pretty heart cakes, buy some flowers and have a nice family dinner. I knew I wasn’t completely crazy when my now-single sister told me that she does the same thing, right down to giving each of her four children Valentine’s goodies.

It’s all about loving…

Love can turn conflict to peace, pain to joy, fear to comfort…

But most folks see love as a kind of goal, something they are waiting to have happen to them… Most of us are filled with romantic, idealistic beliefs about what love is – and as a result end up feeling let down by love – and of course, life.

Yet love is all around us… there for the taking… if we approach life with a loving, giving and grateful attitude… Love is indeed a force that can change your life – when you embrace your world with a loving attitude… and this attitude can indeed attract the kind of romantic love that most humans hope for. But as anyone who has found their right partner will tell you, the romance is only one aspect of true love… and all the others can make the romance pale in comparison.  While there is no replacement for the sense of completion that comes from loving your right partner, there are so many glorious ways that we express and receive love in life…

Perhaps it is time to rethink our beliefs about what is love. To love requires courage and steadfastness, a willingness to love no matter what… but the rewards cannot be described…

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