Excerpts from the book Realms of Light, Clairvoyant Experiences of Life After Death by Laurie Conrad ISBN-10: 1434363082

In explanation of why we sometimes remember very little of a visit from a loved one in another realm: ” Then again, in the clairvoyant’s world we find out early on that we can see only what we are allowed to see, and can only remember what we are meant to remember”.

From the story of Dancing Prisms, on the love for a daughter now in another realm: “the incredible love that I have felt for this child lives on. Her crossing over has taken her physical presence, but the enormous love continues to grow in my heart. Watching those prisms dance – I could feel her loving me. It again confirms what I know to be true.  I still have a relationship with her. It’s just different. I know she has a far greater capacity to love and protect others than while she was still on Earth. I have not lost her. If one person reads and and it opens the mind to the possibility of contact with spirit, with the spirit of a loved one – then it is worth reliving this tragedy.  Spirits whisper, they don’t yell.  And if you are consumed with grief, you can’t hear it.

In closing: ” We do not “die”, we are not just “lumps in the ground” when this life on Earth is over. Soul to soul communication continues, no matter what realm we are in.  The messages received from people in my book, from those that love in other realms, also seem to have a common thread: Pray for us. Love each other and take care of each other. Keep the family together. And last but not least: I love you. Whether we are in the body or not, in separate realms or in the same realm – I will love you always. Our love is eternal.

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