Why get an annual forecast?

Certainly the first answer is to be prepared… Whether you get a psychic reading, or a forecast based on the stars (astrology) or the numbers  (numerology), an annual forecast will offer useful insights that will help you make better plans and decisions for the coming period. A forecast helps you to adjust your timing, to know when to play, hold or fold. A forecast alerts you to the shifts and flows of energy so you can know, for example, if this is the year to connect with your right partner, and when to book your vacation –  or if you should plan on staying close to home.

Here are a couple of good stories to explain:

A young woman asked for a forecast, the next year was a big one, she was graduating and getting married, wanted to know about job prospects, and how the wedding would go…  From her reading, it was obvious that this would be a hectic year for her, and that she needed to also plan for a big move – it looked like she would get the job she wanted but it would require her to move cross country – which turned out to be a good thing, since she and her new husband wanted to be able to settle on the west coast  – but it also meant that there would be little time for a honeymoon.  I could also see that the week before the wedding she might be something of a basket case if she didn’t plan and delegate carefully… it seemed there might be more than the usual number of last minute changes, and as many as a dozen guests that would suddenly find they could come afterall… As it turned out, this advice proved to be very useful… my client made sure she had options and resources at her disposal to deal with the sudden chnages… although the last week was a bit nerve-wracking for her,  – as was the move west that came immediately after the wedding – it all went a lot more smoothly than it might have. She was prepared.

The second example comes from a man who checks in with me every year around this time for a look at how his business will fare.  This particular time, I immediately saw that, for the first time in several years, he would be  challenged to meet his financial goals that year…  he needed to be prepared for some serious setbacks. It was not the year to take any significant risks, so he should hold back on his expansion plans… I suggested that this was the year to get very controlling around expenses, and to stay on top of his payables.  I saw that he would weather the storm, but it would take a determined effort to stay with it.  As it turned out, the bottom dropped out of the markets that year – 2008 – and many of his automotive suppliers and customers were bankrupt… but my advice supported his own intuition that year… he changed direction somewhat, focused on local markets and survived to prosper again in 2010.

Fortunately, I am not seeing the same dark energy around business in my 2011 forecasts.  While economic recovery remains sluggish, we are moving forward, if inch by inch.

For me, forecasts are somewhat different from predictions – while predictions can also identify trends, a forecast looks at how the energy is moving and will tell you whether this is a year to focus on romance, on material  and financial matters, or on personal and spiritual growth. For example, 2011, a Rabbit year, is a year to focus on family and  relationship as opposed to material wealth and acquisition.

Predictions tell you when you can expect certain events, but there is more to know than just what is likely to happen when… getting an annual forecast helps you to understand how to work with the energy flowing in the next period, how to best focus your efforts. A forecast is a terrific planning tool for it will tell you what what to expect, when, as well as what you can do to turn the upcoming challenges into opportunity for progress.

2011 looks like it will present some big changes for many, are you ready?

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