I am feeling Her presence all around me now. As if is she is awakening with a new sense of Herself. I’ve always felt Her power and strength, Her benevolence and bounty. But when I connected psychically with Her in the past, it was not unlike connecting with a sleeping giant.

Something is different now… when I plant my feet on the ground, I feel her knowing I am there…. and I feel Her Oneness, her knowingness of All. It is as if the air is vibrating with Her presence, responding when I notice Her. Is She becoming more conscious of her consciousness as more and more of us acknowledge Her as a sentient being?

Whether you call Her Gaia or Mother Nature or Planet Earth, she provides for us.  She is a Great Mystery. She gives – and she takes… apparently dispassionately, uncaring of the havoc she wreaks, nor thoughtful of the joy she brings… or so it seems.

My work as a psychic awakened the Earth Mother in me and has drawn me closer to Gaia, more understanding and appreciative of Her, more aware that I am leaving my footprints on Her face…. and more respectful of Her awesome power to change Her face – and mine, at Her whim.

Her communications are not always obvious, as in the Haiti earthquake or the Gulf Oil spill, but they are always meaningful.  She feels and responds to our carelessness, our fear and our anger with storms and quakes and floods.. but she also responds to our loving attention, and to our needs to grow and learn from her… and she creates many opportunities to interact with her, to expand our awareness, to connect with our souls.

Living with Gaia, acknowledging Her presence opens amazing opportunities for useful insights, direction and guidance.  Gaia knows how we feel, and what we need and She communicates this knowingness with us in signs and symbols. If we pay attention to Her signals and then take the time to interpret them, we can move forward more easily in our lives.   Here’s a good example of what I am referring to.

I had a first date with a gentleman last night.  He does not know that I am interested in spirituality at all, but on his way home he texted me to say the most surreal thing had just happened.  He was driving not far from my house when he spotted an owl in the middle of the road.  The owl would not move so my friend had to drive around it and all the time the owl was just stating at him. Could you please enlighten me on this. Thanks Carole

Owls have many meanings depending on the culture. I interpret an owl as all knowing and wise and in this case possibly warning you both not to rush your relationship. Challenges will soon arise that will a strain on the relationship. With Owl’s warning you can work on avoiding a circumstance that you would otherwise take for granted.

Picking up on a new job offer. I advise not taking it. It will not not all they promise but then I think you already know about this. Cate

Gaia speaks to us through the life that is most closely connected with her – the plants, and trees and critters, the earth itself, the winds and the waters  communicate Her messages in signs and symbols. Delving into the meaning of unusual interactions with Gaia can produce some very useful insights to guide your choices in life.  Animals, for example come as totems, carrying messages.

From the Animal Medicine Cards, Owl speaks about Deception. Those with Owl medicine are usually gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.  Souls who are born with this totem have chosen a path which suggests a need to refine and perfect these gifts for the aid of others. They make excellent therapists, psychologists and counselors.

Individuals with this totem are private complex people and don’t like others to know what they are really thinking. This can sometimes lead to  misunderstandings especially in the area of personal relationships.

Owls are oftentimes the medicine of sorcerers and witches.  Owl medicine draws you to magickal practices and maybe at times even the dark arts.  But it is cautioned that you should always resist any temptation to practice black magick or any art for that matter that takes something away from another person or being.  Sometimes, with this medicine you will notice that owls have a tendency to collect around you, even in the daytime, because they recognize a kinship with you.

Since Carole was indirectly asking about a new relationship, the owl was probably a signal to both of them that they will need to be direct and honest about what they are thinking in order to avoid future misunderstandings. Owl was signalling her new gentleman friend that Carole has a spiritual, magical aspect to her character, and also indicating the likelihood that there was a kinship between them, a shared interest in seeking the deeper meaning in life.

Many of our clients and visitors are reporting unusual interactions with Gaia. Now, more than ever in our history, She wants to connect with us, to speak with us… In fact, She is demanding our attention.  If we would pay attention to the gentle signals, if we would notice the owls, the flowers in our garden, the trees that protect our homes, and respond to their needs as they do to ours, She would not need to shout at us.

I have wondered at our arrogance in building such structures as dams, dikes, tunnels, and bridges, in the expectation that they would last “forever”, or at least until technology created the possibility for a bigger, better replacement. We are always so shocked when disaster strikes and Mother Nature damages or completely destroys one of our constructs. It seems that every once in awhile, Gaia needs to remind us who is boss.  She gives us a giant wake up call. The Haiti earthquake and the Gulf Oil Spill were two big shout outs, losing a huge chunk of Greenland was another… are you awake yet?

We cannot control Mother Nature, we can only learn to work with her…Let us each and all learn to live with Gaia instead of on her. Let us be noticing, attending to Her communications, co-operating with Her instead of attempting to master Her. We need not fear Her immense power, if only we would listen when She speaks.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who felt it! All these disasters happening around me, and it seemed it went unnocticed by everyone around me.
    It started with the mudslides in Madeira, which shocked me as my Mum is from there, and felt to me as if it was a wake-up call direct from Mother Earth. Then all around the world, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, floods – there are several re-occuring events. IT IS A MESSAGE TO US ALL; Wake up and smell the coffee, our World is crumbling around us and we are paying ignorance to Her. If everyone could just learn to heal the Earth a little bit every, both physically and spiritually, by caring for Her and not intoxicating Her, and by offering Her our blessings and help.

    I feel intensely connected to Gaia, her vibrations, and her messages.
    Blessed Be.

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