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Living The Moment

by Cate Cavanagh

So many people talk about “living in the moment” and yet, so many people have no idea what these people are talking about. For many people, living in the moment is not pleasant. It cannot be pleasant when living this moment would create intense attention to the problems you may have regarding poverty and illness in which the faith you were raised with or have followed is seriously challenged.

Sometimes living moments like these do more to rob joy and propagate feelings of being a victim than anything else. I know. I have been there.

Where I feel the “living the moment” philosophy goes awry is that it presents this slogan as a cure all for all ills, spiritually. I say spiritually because if the spirit is broken, like a weed, this broken spirit will devour hope.

Here is how I “live the moment”. I remind myself of certain times in my life where I experienced “Eureka”, where I felt, beyond question, that there was indeed a great force that lives and breathes.

Once I discovered this, this was all that mattered. This is a moment. I had my moment about sixteen years ago in which that I believed in actually honored me with its presence. I have since developed some disabilities and can no longer scramble mountains like I used to but I humbly accept this for what my scrambling gave me that day plotted my course for the rest of my life spiritually.

I was stressed out, overworked and truly at a point where I knew I had to make major changes. I went away for a weekend to sort these dilemmas out. I stayed in a mountainous area and scrambled a bit everyday. This one morning, I arose very early and, after power walking a couple of hours around a lake, I challenged myself to scramble Bear Mountain in New York, which was where I was staying. I met my challenge and got to the top. Sitting atop a huge boulder I looked down. Then I closed my eyes and just listened to the wildlife around me. Suddenly, I heard and felt a vibration. It was as if the boulder I was sitting on was breathing! I sat there for a very long time and allowed these vibrations to course through my body.

I had no doubt that the earth, did indeed live. Gaia was not a myth. Gaia. Our living planet spoke to me! Not in words, not in thought, but through touch. That experience forever changed me for I sought moments such as these ever after. But, it has not been easy. The years since that time have been very hard, especially emotionally.

I lost many beloveds to death, have had illnesses and accidents that could have killed me and lost jobs because of my limited disability. I know what is like to not want to live the moment or deal with problems moment to moment, much less live them!

And here is where the “living the moment’ platitude misses the bulls eye. It is not living the moment we do not want but reliving a moment we do! It is a matter of reliving those moments that elated us, gave us joy and gave us hope. You see, from my perspective, spiritual and life changes begin from within and from the mind-the ultimate generator of energy and change.

Energy can never be destroyed, it always only converted. New studies in physics now test sub-atomic levels of motion via what is called neutrinos. Depending on the object, these neutrinos vibrate at different levels and speed. We are objects also and on a sub-atomic level, our neutrinos vibrate also. These vibrations can change us from who we are to who we want to be. Futures can become very different than many would think.

Today I decided to live (or relive) a moment. When I first knew I wanted to be writer, I used to daydream in our poor little ghetto apartment in Brooklyn, New York, that I was writing and listening to classical music in the background. Today, I found a way to do just this. I remembered those youthful daydreams and realized that the good, hopeful feelings I was remembering just then became my “moment”. I also walk to  the back of my property and see another moment I can relive every time I walk my dogs. Once upon another life a poor kid (me) daydreamed about horses in her backyard. Everyone laughed at me and said it would be impossible. Well, I have my horses in my backyard and every time I see them, I relive those moments of long ago and remember what hope is.

You see, once you can get in touch with the moments that made the difference in your life, you can hold onto these hopes until you get them. So what if it took forty years for my daydream moments to materialize. The point is, they did. The bigger point is when life was hopeless, I still wanted to dream. I began with hope and then with trust and now daydream any time I want. I live the moment by reliving only those memories that make me happy.

Moments like these can fill any moment,any time and that is when you live the moment. When you make that moment yours.

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Cate is a published autho (GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT and HER GODMOTHER)  Please visit her websites: and her blog
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