Spirits often linger around planet earth… often becuase they need help “lifting off”, perhaps they have some unfinished business that they want someone to attend to, and sometime just to past on messages of love, to confirm that life goes on, that there is life after life…

My brother expired three months ago. Since then I am smelling a strange foul smell in my house. The smell keeps on changing its place. In my house no other member could smell it. I have tried Reiki to expel it. It goes and reappears again. The more I try to get rid of it the more it is attaching to me. RK

From what you say in your letter your brother is lingering.  I would perform a private memorial service for him.  Make a small altar with his picture.  Include incense, flowers, and his favorite food and drink and place those on the altar.  Play his favorite music and send him on his way, telling him he has work to do on the other side and that he cannot stay in the physical world without creating olfactory distress.  Tell him firmly that he no longer has a material body and that he is now to transfer to his “light body”.  He does not want to let go, but he must.  Tell him there is much for him to do on the other side and that you will meet up with him when it is time for you to pass.  He misses the physical too much.  Give him a proper send off.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

I can feel the presence of someone in my house and many other places and sometimes I can smell a person when noone is around but me and it smells nothing like me but more like an older person. I don’t know whether I should ignore it or trying to help them there was one time that I could hear someone – it was right after my cousin’s dad that I hardly knew died and I was at my cousin’s house and all of a sudden like on a wisp of wind I heard Randall (my cousin’s dad) say “tell them I love them” I knew it was him because I had heard his voice before and I had this feeling that it was him. I really don’t know what to do or if I could enhance it to be able to actually see them or what. Beth

You were picking up on Randall.  He was there in the house and was passing on the message that he loves the ones he left behind.  I hope you told his family the message.  If not, do so.  You obviously have a psychic ability.  It can be very useful in life, but you must learn how to use it.  I would start reading books on metaphysics and meditation.  A daily meditation routine will work wonders in sorting out stuff in your head.  It will make you more relaxed and sure of yourself.  You will be guided on what to do through your meditations.  Surfing the internet will put you in touch with countless sites pertaining to these topics.  You found us that way, no doubt.  Let us know if we can be of further assistance.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

My best friend passed, but I was feeling out of sorts a few days before.( I am in another state, and didnt know). Now alot has happened to her husband and myself ( noises,voices, losing keys, electronics draining, etc…) She comes to me everyday, and 1 day she was trying to get through, through me! How do I help her? I have always had some type of insight. Please Help. I am not sleeping or resting. Thank You!! Lisa

Your friend is trying to get your attention, as they know you are a sensitive.  What I would do is hold your own special memorial ceremony for them.  Create an upbeat ceremony, nothing dreary.  Play their favorite music.  Serve their favorite food and invite their other friends to pay tribute to someone you all miss.  This should do the trick.  That is why the Irish throw a big party when someone dies.  Same with all the music and parades at funerals down in New Orleans.  Hope this helps.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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