A Request From Teresa

I was speaking long distance to a friend today who is an Israeli (ex-patriate–he has lived in Ks City, Mo for 30 years).  He is doing something called Let the Children Play For Peace.  They collect toys, etc to share with ‘both sides’–in Gaza and Sderot, Israel (where there have been recent bombings?)  You can look it up at www.Letthechildrenplayforpeace.org

Sam and his friend, Ahmed, a Muslim from Egypt, created this group.  You can read about it on the site.  They are also hoping to get 1500 (I believe that’s the number he said–his accent is a bit hard to grasp sometimes) for each side.  So, if you would like to donate a kite or $ for such, or a toy or sports equipment or whatever, you can know you are helping to create a new way of ‘seeing’ and ‘being’ in a war torn part of the world.  Check out the info on the site.

I know a few of you on this list have done much to help with Ireland’s children throughout the years.  And have worked to help build schools (for peace, I guess you could say) in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This is one more area where we can help.  And I know others of you have worked in inter-faith ways in hopes of creating peace among all people, some here in the states and others (who ‘taught’ us) in Jerusalem.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone in my bringing this to your attention.  You do NOT have to respond to me about it.  I’ve sent to so many, and a few I don’t know personally, so believe me, it might be better if you just do what is in your heart.  If you don’t feel compelled to do anything, I don’t need to know, nor does it have any bearing on what I feel for you.  This is just an opportunity I was told of, and an acknowledgement of someone I know who is doing a good work–therefore just my sharing this ‘vision’ with those whom I know and love and trust who have loving, caring hearts.

Whatever you do, I know you will at the very least hold these two men, from opposite sides of the conflict, in your thoughts and prayers, along with the children they seek to allow to BE children in this life.

Much love and appreciation,

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