A Note on Psychic Etiquette 

If you want to be able to continue to safely develop and work with your psychic abilities, you must also learn good manners. Knock first, ask first, are two very simple, and very important rules of etiquette in any form of spiritual or psychic work. Barging in where we’re not invited, and usually not wanted is a No NO in this work…

Respectful behaviour and good manners were conditioned into me as a very young child with demands for please and thank you, and the expectation that any adult would be addressed as “Miss”, “Mrs” or “Mr.” or for family friends, “Aunt” or “Uncle”. As I matured, my parents treated me like a lady and expected me to act like one. I  recall the first time my father ran ahead to open a door for me… I was 13… That simple act left a lasting impression. This was also about the time I was first given my very own bedroom… as the eldest of 6 kids, my own private space was quite a privilege. What was really special was that I could shut the door and no one was allowed to come in, including my parents, without knocking first. And the rule was enforced, not by me, but by Mom and Dad.

Respecting other’s spaces comes naturally to me then… and this value became even more significant as I developed my work as a psychic. As soon as I tell folks I am a psychic, they are immediately wary, “maybe she can see my secrets”… and maybe I can… but I choose not to…The “knock first” rule from my childhood also means “ask first”… It is intrusive for me to be digging around in others’ energy without being invited.

Sensitivity to others’ spaces is an essential quality in a good psychic. It helps to avoid attracting some bad karma. Clients are occasionally surprised when I have refused to respond to certain questions. For example, if I’m asked whether an ex and his new girlfriend will make it as a couple, I will respond in general terms, but if I am asked whether they made love in the past week, I will typically refuse to respond… how would you like it if I appeared uninvited in your bedroom one day, in body or in spirit?

Even when communicating with animals, I will “knock first”… I introduce myself and ask if they are willing to talk. (although that step is rarely required, most animals start talking and sending images as soon as they feel the telepathic connection.)

As psychics we are often asked to transmit a message telepathically to another person. My answer: “You can contact them yourself, why would they respond to me, a stranger?” What these folks don’t understand is that telepathic communications require a real soul connection… while I might be able to make the connection and deliver the message, unless the person on the other end recognizes my vibrational frequencies at a soul level, they are unlikely to receive the message… Best I can do is knock at the door and leave a telepathic calling card… Those who have passed on usually pick up and respond to the card the second they see it… but folks in body are so focused on their physical senses that unless they know me, they will ignore it.

Knock first, ask first are simple rules of etiquette, whether in your every day life, or in your work as a developing psychic. They imply a respect that will make all of your interactions more productive, whether in the spirit world, or in this….

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