by  Cherie Lassiter

To the world, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett embodied the archetypes of the king and queen for our culture. On an even deeper level, Michael and Farrah represented the god and goddess of our current time.

Michael brought us magic, power and pure creativity which are the traits of a god/king. Farrah brought us beauty, innoscence and goodness, which are traits of the goddess/queen. 

Like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe before them, Michael and Farrah held a generation captive with all they radiated inside and out. They both had an innoscence about them, a heart centered aura that fascinated us, inspired us and raised us up to new levels of what we could be and accomplish in life.

A king by definition is one who gives their life to serve the people. The destiny of a king is truly one of sacrifice. The fate of a king often causes him to die young, leaving the kingdom and world to grieve the loss. The god/king suffers much in life as he answers the call of destiny; not for himself as much as for the masses.

A man can not be King, nor a woman a Queen without sacrifice. The sacrifice can not be made without joy.

Michael and Farrah both truly followed their hearts, gave their hearts and opened ours.

The impact of King Michael and Queen Farrah reach beyond our culture and world and into the collective soul.

Often these men and women that play out the destiny of king and queen are held in judgment. The wounded collective human ego projects it’s shame,blame,anger and fear onto those that seem to have it all or be it all. These souls that are playing out the roles of gods and goddesses/kings and queens are still sadly all too human.. Absorbing humanities projected wounds and fears, hopes and dreams becomes a heavy load to bear indeed.

Being human, these projections lead to illness,disease,depression,anxiety and most of all a total loss of privacy. The toll it takes on these brave souls is huge, but the gift they give is much larger. They give us something to reach for, to strive for and to allow ourselves to be. They are the way showers, the light bearers that take us to higher heights and deeper depths.

Missions come and missions go. The gift given; eternal.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have carved their names in time and history. That will never fade.

They have opened our hearts in life and in death. The mantle of king and queen passes on to a new generation.

Or, have we learned to embody our own king and queen? Are we ready to reach beyond projection onto idols in order to claim that power for ourselves? Are we ready to go beyond fear and limitation in order to receive the divine birthright of creative power,beauty,grace and passion that we all carry within?

The gifts Michael and Farrah have given us stretch beyond the current time we are in.

Their willingness to bring us such beautiful treasures will surely return to them in measures beyond what we can humanly imagine.

But then, that is what they gave to us.

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  1. Hello I would just like to say I’m very upset from michael’s passing and I always liked his music, always have been a fan. I feel that there is something much more than being a fan of him and I can’t explain, there is alot of fans out there that love him like I do but after his passing I felt more than empty, more than lost etc…. I know that I can’t explain it on here knowing this is just a comment page so I will end here and hoping some one i can explain this to will help me in this journey of finding why this is happening to me the way it is.

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