About the Power of the Pyramid?

At its most basic, the upward-pointing triangle represents the fire that is the meaning of the word  “pyramid” in Greek.  The pyramid itself is an incredibly strong construction, both symbollically and practically, with the solid base of the square supporting the four triangles that meet at the peak or axis of the pyramid.  The shape is as impregnable and daunting as it looks.

The Pyramids themselves have become a symbol of Egypt, and together with the sphinx, capture the essence of that country more completely than any modern advertising logo could ever do.

There have been countless books written about the Pyramids, and the symbolism of the shape is not to be confused with any claims of “pyramidology.” Essentially, the pyramid represents the axis mountain of the world.  This mountain is said to have risen from the waters of creation and represents existence itself. Furthermore, the cavern-like aspect of the Pyramids, in which the pharaohs were interred with elaborate rites, represents the natural cave to which early man was attracted, not only as a womb-like place of refuge but also as a place where religious rites could take place in secrecy.  The sloped shape of exterior of the Pyramids is echoed in their internal passages, which also slope steeply; these angles help the souls of the interred pharaohs ascend to Heaven

We still have a primal belief that the closer man is to the sky, the nearer he is to Heaven and to the Creator. The shape of a pyramid provides a way for man to achieve this goal.  Stepped pyramids culminate in a flat platform where the world of spirit meets the world of matter, the construction acting as a reminder of the convergence of the material and the ethereal.  The ancient Egyptians further deomonstrated this idea by another symbol, an inverted pyramid balanced on top of an upright one, also known as the “creation sign”; the upper symbol represents inspiration pouring down from the Heavens (the chalice-shape as a sign for water is an obvious clue), whereas the base pyramid shows aspiration, a striving for the perfection of Heaven.  This symbol itself represents the same concept as the Star of David: “as above, so below.”

From the book :  The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols by Adele Nozedar

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