So many of today’s young people are wise – and capable – beyond their years… connecting with spirits and ghosts, seeing energy in motion, knowing about past lives, healing, communicating with animals… all of these supposedly “paranormal” activities come naturally and spontaneously. But it is important that both the parents and the kids give themselves a chance to mature before tackling any serious psychic or spirit work…

As a young person, personal vibrational frequencies are subject to wildly erratic fluctuations because of the hormonal imbalances. At the lower frequencies, active psychics can attract a lot of “bad” energy, and until you have the knowledge and the power to deal with it, you want to avoid going there… That is why we tell folks – especially kids – to avoid the ouija board, to be careful about any channeling work and to avoid actively seeking out spirits or ghosts…

Think of psychic or spiritual work like driving a car – you have to be big enough behind the wheel to easily manage the vehicle. To get a license, you must understand and be willing to follow the rules as well as to sense when another driver might pull a fast one on you… I urge young people to use their youth to learn and play, to read and to think about spirituality and being psychic, take a class in meditation, learn about colours and the frequencies in numbers and different stones, talk to the trees, try communicating with animals and nature as opposed to ghosts.

My son is 5 years old. He has always been aware and seen things that others can’t. He plays with his friends (no matter where we are!) all the time. Recently he has become sensitive to loud noises and covers his ears. He also is becoming annoyed at voices he can hear “in his brain”. He goes as far as to actually hit his own head to try and make it stop. His school teacher keeps complaining that she thinks he doesn’t get enough sleep but we put him to bed for at least 8 hours every night mostly 9 hours. He is always tired looking. I thought that maybe he is being disturbed in his sleep because, by coincidence, he commented that the stone I got for him isn’t working and he is still having bad dreams. Please help me to help him!

You can help this stop. He is too young to have to deal with the massive input of information he receives. As for his friends, explain to him, as I did with my daughter when she was young, that friends like these only show themselves to special people but it is important for others not to know about them so he can help keep their secret by pretending they are not around.

You can help him in two ways:

  1. Put a glass of cold water at the side of his bed and sprinkle salt in it. Also take an old key and stand it up in the corner of his nightstand at the head of his bed. Empty the water every morning and refill at night.
  2. Go to a new age store and get a bundle of sage ‘smudge’ ) a Native American term for wafting the smoke like incense) his room every night. As you do this have him repeat with you: “I want to sleep. If you have anything to tell me, you will just have to tell me later, when I am older.”

You need to both be firm. I had to help my daughter with information overload and this is how we did it.

Also, light a seven day blue candle for him every week. On the top of the candle etch his name. Allow it to burn nonstop if you can.

I hope this helps and please update us! Cate

We teach our kids some street smarts to protect them in life, but it is also important to teach them some “spirit smarts” so they are not victimized by their special abilities. We can have some control over the spirit activity around us… and we can teach our children how to protect themselves from interfering spirits.

If you’re related in any way to a child who sees spirits, learn everything you can about spirit life yourself so you can help them. Here are some other useful suggestions for nurturing children who exhibit abilities as a medium:

  • keep a journal of your child’s experiences…talk to their angels and guides yourself, ask that they protect him, that they be effective “gatekeepers” ( a gatekeeper guide guards the channels to the spirit world and will help to stop any interfering or “negative” energy or entities from connecting.)
  • teach the child that they have control over their world and can tell anyone who bothers them to go away…
  • listen and ask questions… encourage them to talk about what they see, to draw pictures, don’t discount them, just listen and question… don’t prod, and also don’t make a big deal of it, try to take it all into your normal daily experiences…
  • read about the afterlife, so you will be able to guide your child as they
    mature… learn as much as you can about the psychic realms and the paranormal – very likely your child will manifest some real abilities as they mature, but let them come naturally….

The non physical world is all around us. A child may find it easier to look
at his/ her WHOLE world (physical and non physical) where adults have blocked their gifts with the fear of the unknown. These non physical beings are showing themselves because they know the child has the ability to see them. They may also believe this child has the ability to help them in some way. Sometimes when a person dies (transitions into non physical form) they don’t realize they are not physical any more. So they hang around their surroundings because that is their comfort zone what they know as familiar. Usually all that is needed is to call Archangel Michael to assist them into the light. This is where they will be happy and know only love and peace.

Many children are able to see spirits, even more so today, than ever before. But that doesn’t mean it is a good idea to encourage this activity. It frightens many children, and it just isn’t safe…. You would not drop your 5 year-old off with someone you didn’t know and trust…. it is the same for the spirit world.. until you know a something about who they are communicating with, you need to teach them to protect themselves, to send the spirits away.

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