Ever since my son was old enough to jump up and down in his cot he would wake in the middle of the night giggling and laughing, chatting away. I could look in on him and he would be looking in a certain direction talking or smiling. This used to freak me out a bit but as the years have passed and at the age of five he still talks to people and is always laughing and talking happily, I’m not worried.I’ve also always thought he seemed a lil psychic, knowing things before they happen or knowing someone’s name before he’s told it. Just this year he introduced me to some of his friends and there are times like the 1st time I met them that I truly believe they are there and other times I feel maybe he is making it up –  maybe because he thinks I want him to.

I took him to a graveyard the other night and he said he saw 2 people in separate areas. When I asked him what they looked like, he started by telling me some colours like he said the lady was blue I don’t know what to think of all this. I believe he has definitely seen things that no one else can. Can you tell me if these are imaginary friends or if he truly has a gift and if so is there anything I should be aware of, will he always be safe in communicating with spirits or is there a danger in it? Very curious mum.

What an amazing child! My take on “imaginary” friends is that they are age-specific Spirit guides, and many children have them. The nature of your son’s connection to these Spirits is important to know about, and the entire concept of reincarnation and karmic responsibility should be understood and embraced by the both of you. Don’t worry – it’s all good!

Before we’re all born, our Souls make agreements with the significant others in our future incarnations, to be available for each other depending on what level of karmic opportunities we need to impart on each other, whether they are close friends, family members, future lovers, teachers, etc. Your Soul, or higher self, communicated with his spiritual entity to be borne from you, and that you would be his mother, care-taker, and nurturer. Of course, this was all happening on unseen levels, and you may not remember any actual conversation along these lines, and this speaks to the sacred amnesia our limited human minds are innately famous for.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why am I here?”, you’ve already acknowledged that this amnesia energetic exists, and that you want to remember. Good job!

Plato tells of this in his “Republic,” in the story of the soldier Er, who returned from the dead with his memory of the other side intact. In this metaphorical tale, before Souls could return to the Earth plane, they would have to drink from the “well of forgetfulness,” and Er neglected to do so.

It seems that some people must have slugged down a few dozen liters from the well, and these acquaintances would vehemently argue that there is no such thing as an after-life. I’m thinking that your son only took a sip.

The veil is very thin for your son, and the best way to maneuver this is by not being afraid of it. His Soul chose for him to have this strong connection to the other side, and in many ways your higher self – as care-giver for this gifted child – did as well. The Spirit world always – always! – knows what is in our best interest, so it would be in both of your best interests to learn how to love his abilities.

Unfortunately, too many parents think that imaginary friends are a psychological defect at best, or an “evil” thing at worst. They’ll quite often try to literally beat it out of them, and this can only lead to a deep emotional and spiritual wounding, a life-long depression, and psychoses of various severity.

There are an increasing number of children like your son being born these days, and trust me, we at globalpsychics have heard from parents all over the world with similar stories such as yours. For some reason(!), there seems to be a cluster of such stories coming out of Australia, Indonesia, and other locations south of the Equator. These Souls are the reincarnations of the great minds from the past: inventors, scholars, artists, poets, magicians – and they’re all back to help the collective psyche heal itself and the planet. The primary thing they all need are loving and nurturing parents, as well as supportive communities – people that understand them and their gifts.

Again, the key is a loving and supportive environment. This will enable him to learn how to trust in Spirit – his own higher self. Love is the essential ingredient because within the sphere of an unconditional love for himself and his abilities, nothing bad or “evil” can come through. Within that unconditional love, direct communication with his higher self is possible, and his past-life as Leonardo DaVinci or Thomas Edison can come through, and they can show him that new invention they were working on before they made their transitions – the one that will put the fossil fuel industry out of business forever. Of course, we could always use a better paper clip as well!

As he enters school, it would be a good idea to tell him that other people don’t have his gift, and that he should be careful not to tell anyone of his abilities. His guides might lead him to a classmate with similar abilities, and you might be able to connect with the parents of his friends. This could be the beginning of a support group to let you know that you are not alone.

In the meantime, I’d suggest you read up on the subjects of karma and reincarnation to help demystify the whole subject. An investigation of the spiritual traditions of the indigenous Tasmanians would also be a good idea. The introduction of a sacred object from that earlier culture would let the local nature Spirits know that you’re on their side. Peace, Phil the astrologer

It sounds to me like you have a very gifted son, I wouldn’t put it off as imaginary as he has been stating the same things for such a long time.

Encourage him, ask him questions about who he sees, names descriptions etc. I have a feeling many of them are family that have passed on into spirit.

Children are so very intune and sensitive to the spirit world, and it is wonderful if we can encourage that in them. I would try and find him a mentor though, someone who can work and help him develop, and to be able to turn it off when needed. But as far as any danger no hun not at all. Blessings Jody

I most certainly would have to say that yes your son is in fact psychic and I believe with him being so young that he will decide later on in life whether or not he want to continue with his gifts or choose not to use them. I have to say also I feel very strongly your son is not seeing imaginary friends….what your son is seeing I again feel very strongly is spirit, I also feel your son is clairvoyant which is clear seeing…. which also means that your son can see spirit clearly…

I would like to suggest to you that you try not to make a big issue out of it with your son….let your son continue on with his gifts (I know it scared you at first  but please believe me your son is truly blessed)……spirit and angels never ever let us down and always are there for us….

The lady your son told you he seen (at the graveyard and in blue) I feel this was a sign to your son from the angels and spirit that he is communicating with them….. also that your son is very well protected too….I am seeing blue all around both yourself and your son so also please know you are protected too.

As I say try to not make a big issue out of what your son sees or says and try to have faith and please know that spirit would never hurt your son…..I truly hope this helps you….sending you much love, health and happiness….blessings, Love & Light xxx Karen

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  2. Question? Can a child that used to experience an imaginary friend regain the ability to connect with the spirit guides

  3. yes, usually, once they get past their teens… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

  4. NONEsense! these are all based on assumtions, there is no real clain, esp the part about reincarnation. You are disagreeing with ur self. reincarnation and also ghosts, shouldnt it be either or. I know spirits exist, i wouldnt entrust my children with imaginary spirits, even the devil can masquerade as an angel of light. I suggest you get some discernment, add knowledge and with that love. Dont just believe all spirits, test them…

  5. I had an imaginary friend when I was 2. Her name was Lily and I used to talk about her to my parents all the time. When I was 4 I awoke in the middle of the night and came out of my room, crying – explaining to my family that Lily had gone. From that day on I refused to talk about her, only to say to people that she was no longer around.
    My grandmother died when I was in my teens and I decided to visit a medium. She got very excited and told me my friend “Lily” was with her and had been waiting for me to come !!!!
    After listening to Lily talk she discovered she was my guardian angel, and had befriended me at the age of 2. And we had spent many happy days up in my room chatting away….

  6. In June of this year a playmate of
    My son drowned at a lake right in front of us. We haven’t returned to the lake until here recently and he was playing tag with someone no one else could see holding full conversations and even got upset when I tried to make him share a shovel with his younger brother and he replied ” I’m sharing with Ella!” (the two year old that drowned.) he also plays body peers with the air pointing to their eyes then his, their nose then his, peekaboo, and just random conversations with someone I can’t see. I was putting him down for a nap and dozed off briefly only to be woken by frigid air and whispering alongside a very spooky feeling. I actually woke him up and got out of the room. With the exception of the one nap time experience, most of his incidents have been pleasant and not worrisome. Btw, he had never said the name Ella prior to the day at the lake. He’s only 2. I’m upset and intrigued at the same time. Any input would be appreciated! Thank you in advance, bridget

  7. Bridget,
    How very interesting about your son and his ‘former’ (current) playmate. Children are amazing in that they, like animals, ‘see’ things we do not or can not (though of course, there are adults who do/can). I find it fascinating that what we used to think of as imaginary turns out to be ‘real’–just not within our dimensional ability to see. I actually have a friend who saw someone BEFORE they were born! She explained it like ‘remembering the future.’
    I have another friend whose 7-yr-old talked about an invisible friend who turned out to be a boy who had died centuries past, but whose grave stone was in a nearby cemetery. They had just moved to this farm when Elizabeth started spending time with him. Could be considered very odd, but something we perhaps should encourage, as long as we are sure the ‘person’ is a safe one. As with any friend of a child’s, that is always the first concern, don’t you think?
    This is also very encouraging to us as grownups, as this physical life ends and many a loved one passes, leaving us ‘behind.’
    I do, however, understand your concern. This little girl’s spirit may never ‘mature’. I don’t pretend to understand the whole thing. I mean, how do we know if we oughtn’t to send them on, as on Ghost Whisperer? Or if they don’t mature, could they cause problems? These are important questions, especially with children as young as your son and Ella. I suspect there are insights elsewhere on the Global Psychics site, as well as literature in your local library.
    BTW When you say ‘right in front of us’ I assume you meant your son saw this, too. Have you gotten him any counseling?

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