One of the easiest and ugliest of scams is the promise to change your luck by removing a curse, a jinx or “the negativity from your aura”.

If a psychic ever suggests that you are cursed or that your aura needs to be cleansed, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

These psychics are experts at building your trust by offering insights and predictions that have some validity… and because they really are psychic, they can also sense when your aura is a little dark, if you’ve had a run of bad luck, are suffering through a painful break-up, or have recently lost a good job. This is their opening to start picking your pocket, preying on your fears.

A Typical Story:

I have been struggling for as long as I can remember to get what I want. I  don’t have the family I want, or the husband, or the monetary posessions. Recently, while at a theme park, a stranger came to me and told me I was cursed. In fact, that someone close to me had placed a curse on me. She told me that she would be unable to help me due to the distance. We lived far from each other and had encountered each other at a theme park, but she did offer her number in case I needed any direction. She was able to tell me that I was dating someone I didn’t love, and that I loved someone that was kept from me because of the curse. She also told me that my health and financial issues were caused by the curse. Every realationship I have been in has not turned out well in that I have to be the one holding up the relationship. It’s like I have to convince the guy to be with me. When a guy does like me more than I like him, I seem to mess it up. I don’t want those guys. I have not been happy, and perhaps she picked up on that. Perhaps not. I don’t know. Regardless, I called her the next day and she told me that my curse was very bad-one of the worse she’s ever felt. She even said it scared her. She told me that she couldn’t help me, but if she could, it would cost $3,000. She told me that she was a Christian and her gift was from God. I have been reading online about psychic scams, and this seems to follow some of the methodry. I think she wanted to scare me into calling her. It worked, she did scare me, and not seeing a ring on my finger, probably saw that I wanted to be married since I am over 40 years old. I am very tempted to call her again to seek her help. Please give me some advice.  Angela

Our Responses:

Whoa, Whoa, hold your horses.  You are out and out being scammed.  You were targeted at that theme park.  These people are “gypsies” and they make a living off of scamming innocent people like you!  $3,000 to lift a curse off you, Ha, what a joke.  The only curse you have is having this person scam and scare you.

Look into yourself and really do some deep meditation on what it is about you that isn’t working.  Be objective; be honest with yourself.  Pray for guidance and protection from negative energy.  It is time you hit the re-set button on your life and correct the things that are wrong in your life.  You can do it.  Do not call that person again.  Throw their number away.  It they pursue you, call the police.  Love, Light, & Laughter,  Christopher Ree

Please do not contact this person again she is trying to scam you! There is a link on the site about scams. No psychic will ever approach you like that and we defintely do not charge to remove anything. Thats the number one sign of a scam is when they offer to remove something. Again do NOT contact this woman again . Blessings Jody

Please, please do not give this woman a phone call and ask for her help… she clearly is a fraud! And there are so many out there that get away with things like this… don’t let her get away with it with you… as for her telling you that you are cursed! That is total rubbish – please do not let that play on your mind… people like this so called woman love to pry on the vunerable – people who will take them seriously… We all have free will Angela and may I also say… it is also up to ourselves to bring happiness to us and to make that happiness… if we feel or think negative then negativity will continue on breeding… See yourself doing well in your life and DO NOT LET THIS WOMAN PLAY GAMES WITH YOU AND SCAM YOU… I truly pray this is of help to you… Love & Light xxx Karen

There was a long period in my life where I really felt jinxed, a black cloud following me around.  Amongst other things that happened in that period, I left a very intense relationship, my house burned down, we lost everything except what we were wearing, I had my fourth spinal fusion, was told I’d never fully recover and would need to have this horrendous operation several more times before I died, and I was so close to bankruptcy I was afraid to pick up the phone. And that’s not all of it!!!  I hate to think of the rest… my life just seemed to go from bad to worse, and then worse yet.  I just wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere. That was the first time I hit one of those black holes in life…

How did I turn my life around?  Well, it took a lot of work – mostly inner work, on my attitude to life, on my fears and expectations, and then it required a deep willingness to accept and then act on the purpose, the lessons, in the painful experiences.  I burned off a lot of old karma with that pain! It took me almost 20 years to recognize that what was really wrong was that I was off course, trapped in my fear, doing work that really wasn’t appropriate for me in this lifetime… and that I had some “dues to pay”, karmic debts to clear.  When I willingly “went into service”, chose work that I love and value, when I really began loving myself and my life, the “jinx” disappeared.

So it can be for you.  Change your attitude to life – and you will change your life… it is that easy… start releasing all that negativity, anger or resentment in you, and then commit yourself to a program of “positive action”… don’t wait for miracles to come to you, BE a miracle, create them for yourself! Define what it is you need to do to start pulling out of your downward slide – start with just one little thing you can do to fix things or make a fresh start… then take a step, a baby step, and then another… and “keep your pecker up” – keep smiling and searching for the joy in each moment and before you know it, you’ll find that you have a lot of good reasons to smile!

I want to recommend some very useful books to you – the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, the New Earth and the Secret – also a movie, being promoted by Oprah these days, you can find it on the web… these books talk about the Law of Attraction and the role our feelings play in creating our circumstances in life… they will help you take your power back in life and will give you some tools to break through your fears…  it is fear at the root of the hard times and the fact that the harder they get, the worse you start feeling about yourself…… it is important to understand these creation dynamics order to get things onto a smoother path,,,… learning to raise your vibrational frequency with joyful loving thoughts is one of the first steps you must take to be sure you can make use of your psychic abilities… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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