Forecast for 2009~
Since all forecasts are based on probabilities, whether 3 dimensional or otherwise, one needs to keep in mind that the collective consciousness is the force behind the flow of events/energies. That can be interpreted as potential chaos that you as an individual have no control over, OR you as an individual entity can contribute to that very flow of energy.
 Your choice to move forward into the world/reality that you want is just as powerful as the choice  to accept a world you don’t want to live in or leave to your children.
 There are wonderful changes happening that are exposing the illusions we have lived in. These shifts of energy are shaking down old systems that have out served their usefulness/purpose. As much as we experience or see others expressing woe around these changes, we all know deep down that it is something we collectively have created and desired.
So, what have we created and desired? We want to be in alignment with our true selves and the world around us. We want to live in peace and love and freedom.
 We are at a pivotal point of where we personally and therefore collectively invest our energies. We as individuals can choose to approach this pivotal time with a sense of expansion, growth and in the spirit of divine flow OR we approach it with a sense of victimhood and fear.
 The world will emphasize on every level those that suffer and are victims in strong contrast to those gathering more power and creating really cool stuff! Whether coming from the positive pole of creating or the negative, we still are the ones that choose how to navigate these changes.
 There will be great fear, loss, change and resistance to the systems and beliefs that have been set in place in the coming year and beyond. In the place of these collapsing structures comes the chance for something higher, better, freer, more authentic and joyful.
 I for one will continue to see and know that the light coming in is burning up what isn’t working and bringing in something magical, beautiful and full of promise.
The forecast for the year? Extremes. Which extreme will you choose to be in through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions?
 Blessings and love,  Cherie

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