This month, Global Psychics celebrates 15 years on the web! 15 years of answering your questions about love, life and the paranormal. In those 15 years we have at least three times built and rebuilt and from the bottom up. We have added dozens of different types of readings and specialized services and at least 1000 articles to help you on the path to personal power and psychic development. Today, we are operating on a brand new platform, a much larger server, with a significantly upgraded shopping cart and new Live services supported by a much larger team of psychics and mediums ready to get you the answers you need.

What has remained the same through all of these years and changes is our commitment to top quality service, to providing accurate, caring insights and answers, readings that offer useful guidance and direction – and are also uplifting, encouraging, loving.

We want to thank you all for supporting us through these years by offering you
a 15% discount
on all email readings for the next 15 days, until May 4. To claim your discount, order the reading you want, follow the check out process through to the payment selection page where you can type 15years in the discount field. The system will automatically reduce the value of the order by 15%.

BTW, We’re still offering 5 minutes FREE to all first-time users of our Live readings services.

Important Note About Danielle’s Rates: for the first time in 15 years, I have raised my rates on phone readings. My time is at a premium these days. Clients who have been used to finding me on the toll free line 888-509-9999 are finding that I am no longer as available as I have been. With the introduction of our new Click4Advisor phone and chat services, we now have more psychics available for Live Readings so I am focusing more of my time and energy on marketing and site development – we are organizing now to load our new site, More to come on that project in the next month.

A note on our 2012 predictions... When I heard of North Korea’s failed missile launch, I was reminded of a note in my 2012 predictions: “A dangerous man comes to the fore …. dark-haired… makes a rash impulsive move… (I am thinking this could be the young leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un)… the good news is that his impulse is not well-thought out and will likely fail to give him the power he anticipates” I’m sure heads rolled over this debacle… The trouble is that this young man will go to any length to prove his power. This is not the first of his very public and quite dangerous mistakes, and won’t be the last. See all of our predictions and this month’s forecasts here.

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