Trust your instincts – especially when a reading makes you feel uncomfortable! You should leave a session with a psychic feeling empowered, not frightened. When a psychic tells you to keep a reading secret, it is because s/he is trying to protect themselves, not you…. Leave, and don’t even think about going back.

I’ve been seeing a psychic who says I am disconnected from my spirit, and we needed to meditate. I bought crystals from her. While I sensed it was not necessary, I believed in the placebo effect. Then she said some frightening things about things she would have to do or my spirit would be in peril. It was outrageous and I knew it came with a great cost. She told me not to tell anyone because God said so. I left  very uncomfortable. Scam right? Do I just not go for my next appointment, or call and tell her why? She was very frightening. Roz

We cannot come disconnected from our essence ever. It is who we are. Please run as fast as you can away from this one. If she is making you feel guilty or scared then find your strength from within and get away from her. Ask the universe for help if you need to. The fact that this worked if even by placebo tells you that all the strength you need is within you. Sure we need help sometimes and that is ok but you are always to feel stronger and better when you come away from any kind of help not frightened. You don’t have to explain to her why you aren’t coming back. Just don’t go back. Listen for your own God Wisdom on this one. Abundant Blessings to you, Sharon

She was a fraud you owe her nothing and no explanation. Do not go back. Victoria

NO! I say this with love – you are even feeling frightened. Going to a  Psychic/Intuitive should never be a scary experience. Trust your instinct. Your spirit is not in peril, your soul belongs to God who is gracious,
loving and merciful. No one has a right to scare you. Scam? Yes! Walk away.  You deserve to feel good about who you are. This person is obviously not a  true intuitive. I am not by any means trying to talk badly about anyone else. However, I think you know better. Trust what you feel. And, God Bless You. Love,

The first thing that pops into my head is FRAUD.  As a person who is a psychic and visits other psychics from time to time, as soon as someone starts talking about a candle or a prayer and needing extra money to perform these services, I walk away IMMEDIATELY.  Why PAY someone else to do something you can do yourself?  You can ask god/goddess/spirit/creator/universe DIRECTLY and it will be give to you. This goes for spellwork, too.  Real spellcasters do not accept money for their services. These people intentionally use scare tactics so that you will keep coming back. I can pretty much guarantee God said no such thing.  A good God would not aid someone in outright fraud and extortion. Kara

Sigh, when I hear things like this my hackles raise. It’s a definite scam.  There’s nothing in the spiritual or psychic world that requires huge outlays of money to be fixed.  The fact that she didn’t explain exactly what the danger was is the first red flag. This was done just to scare you. The second is that she said you were disconnected from your spirit. That is impossible. Cancel the appointment, Matt

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