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Change comes in waves or cycles often with dramatic new beginnings.

Each New Day, each New Moon and each New Year brings a new beginning. Zodiacal New Year, the Solar Year, begins with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. This Spring Equinox is called the Aquarian Equinox because it is the first Equinox following the February 17 th 2009 alignment of planets in Aquarius signaling the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Spring Equinox is the basis for timing the Ages.

That this year 2009 marks the beginning of a new era is confirmed by an ordered sequence of significant events and the convergence of several important cycles.

The events in the transition to the Aquarian Age include:

1) The Feb 17 th stellium in Aquarius, ‘Jupiter aligns with Mars’
2) Simultaneous Spring Equinox on Earth, Saturn and Uranus
3) New Venus Mar 27, ‘Morning Starshine’ beginning April 1st
4) The ‘most powerful solar eclipse of the century’ on July 22 nd
5) The heliacal rising of Sirius, Venus and Orion in mid-August
6) The Saturn Ring Plane Crossing / Saturn Equinox on Sept 4
7) The appearance of the 7 th Moon in the 7 th House Sept 19 – 20

Equinox on Earth it is also Spring Equinox on Saturn and Uranus! Cycles and seasons are far longer on these outer planets. Spring Equinox occurs on Saturn only every 30 years and on Uranus only every 84 years.

Spring Equinox is more than a moment in time (12:44 pm gmt on March 20th 2009), it is a period of cosmic balance that extends for several days after. Up until the early 1700s the New Year was celebrated on March 25th the date believed when the energy of Spring Equinox reaches its fullness. JRR Tolkien forecast this date (March 27th in the new calendar) would again be celebrated as New Year in the new era.

Equinoxes are nodes of dynamic planetary balance seeding yin and yang phases in the cycle of creation. The last Equinox on Uranus was the Autumn Equinox period in effect from the end of 1965 through the middle of 1969. This was the heyday of ‘the Hippie revolution’ when the ‘flower children’ introduced the Age of Aquarius to the world. The songs from ‘Hair’ the musical are prophetic and instructive for our time because many of their lyrics derive directly from the fount of Uranian inspiration.

The last time Spring Equinox happened on Saturn and Uranus at the same time was over 2500 years ago! This is particularly meaningful at this time because Saturn and Uranus are the planetary rulers of Aquarius, the New Age we are now entering. Also, awesomely, Saturn and Uranus will be in an opposition tango all this year while their equatorial planes align with each other, with the Sun and the Earth! This dynamic opposition alternately highlights and eliminates the rigid forms of the past while building anew the forms of the future world. The Aquarian Equinox continues while Saturn and Uranus align throughout 2009.

Magic Hours and Magic Horae

One of the most useful traditions from the ancient world is the system of canonical hours. These are optimal hours for prayer and meditation and for beginning any new thing. Canonical hours are best for beginning a meeting or party and these times are best for arriving at any event. Equinox is a good time to key into these hours while they are perfectly spaced beginning exactly every three hours. Where I live in Charlotte, Sunrise at Spring Equinox is 7:30 am and the next magic hour begins three hours later at 10:30 am and so on through the 24-hour day.

In the cycle of the year, the magic ‘horae’ are the 15-day periods that begin at the equinoxes, solstices and on cross-quarter days.

Events that occur under a waxing Moon during these horae always go well. This is a key to astrological timing.

The Spring Equinox hora from March 20th to April 4th is a time of opportunity to focus energy in a new way. (The energy of Spring Equinox also connects with each Sunrise hour throughout the zodiacal year.) On Saturn, the Spring Equinox hora lasts for more than a year while the similar period for Uranus extends for a three and a half year period from December 2007 through June 2011.

South/North Poles, Yin/Yang Synthesis

The Year ebbs and flows like an ocean tide. The tide comes in at the Spring Equinox and rises upward toward Summer Solstice.

Life energy is most outgoing at this peak of the year cycle and most turned inward at Winter Solstice. Fall and Winter are Yin seasons,

Spring and Summer are Yang times more apt for outward action.

We are now emerging from a most difficult time on planet Earth. The dark 7-year (northern hemisphere) winter just ending on Saturn began in Sept 2001 and it has included five very troublesome years (June ’03 – Sept ’07) when Saturn was in its detriment signs Cancer and Leo. Saturn in detriment is Saturn in shadow or ‘Sauron mode’. Astronomers have noted that the South Pole vortex storm on Saturn looks like the Eye of Sauron. This Pole has been turned toward us for the last 15 years.

Laboratory psychologists have found that when mice are exposed exclusively to the south (yin) pole of a magnet they become more obese, lazy and eratic in their behavior. Mice exposed to the north (yang) pole become hyperactive, sleep little and develop neuroses. In alchemy, yin is called ‘solve’ (sol-vay) and yang is ‘coagula.’ Natural cycles alternate between these dual forces, when one becomes too much the other returns. Day follows night as Spring and Summer follow Fall and Winter. Yin and Yang are in perfect dynamic balance at the Equinoxes.

The yin (south) extreme is chaos, the yang (north) extreme is fascism. The extremist mice experiment might encourage a more centrist political approach. The ideal is that Yin and Yang achieve a dynamic balance. An unhealthy stasis occurs when one or the other dominates too much. Yang and Yin are like Thesis and Antithesis. The hope is for a New Synthesis.

The Sun/Moon and planets also come in yang/yin pairs that offer opportunities for dynamic balance and synthesis. Venus is yin to Mars yang, expansive Jupiter is yin relative to Saturn’s yang structuring, contracting and focusing principle.

In Saturn’s long annual cycle, the winter season brings a dark yin extreme. Winter began on Saturn in late 2001 and it ends officially on Sept 4 2009. Astronomers are excited about this ‘Saturn Equinox’ or ‘Saturn Ring Plane Crossing’ because it allows a unique view of the ringed giant and its moons while the usually bright rings are invisible from Earth. Astrologers are excited because this is a year of balance between Yin and Yang, this is a new beginning, a time to discover a new Syntheis for a new era. Over the next 15 years (beginning Sept 4 2009) the North Pole of Saturn will be oriented toward Earth. The South Pole is catabolic, de-structuring old forms, breaking down old world patterns. (We’ve had enough of this phase.) The North Pole is anabolic, building new structures for a new time.

The Spring Equinox and the Spring New Moon just after are important times in every year, more so this year because 2009 is special in the grand scheme of things. One of 2009’s notable highlights is the New Venus on Mar 27. This evening will be one of the most magical of the year. Four days later on March 31st / April 1st , Venus appears as the Morning Star, a sign of new life and love, a new creation.

Sunrise / Equinox Opportunity

As understood by the early Egyptians, the Sun god Ra (our soul) battles the serpent god Sothis (our shadow) at each Sunrise and Sunset.

According to how this struggle goes a greater or lesser measure of primal energy is integrated in consciousness and made purposeful.

Every shamanic tradition teaches greeting the morning Sun to honor the divine and garner prana for the new day. It’s ideal to see the Sun rise, otherwise face east or light a candle in the east at Sunrise. The Cherokee shaman teach that every fire is a piece of the Sun and this is true.

We gaze briefly into fire at Sunrise to clear the mind for positive focus on the day. And, like the birds, we ‘sing our early morning singing song’ to modulate and embody the new day energy coming through. NASA keeps a real time website with audio of the electrical sounds in the atmosphere. At Sunrise these sound exactly like birds singing. There is a measurable pulse of energy as the Sun approaches the horizon, birds catch this pulse with their song and so can we. As we do so we capture and channel a greater measure of the primal dragon energy that arises before Sunrise each day (as in Carnival each year). The bigger the dragon we awaken and channel to purpose the more creative power we have for the day. Of the many ways to tame the dragon, the simplest and most effective may be yogic breathing or rebirthing breath while focusing attention on the higher chakras, the creative centers. Deep breathing at Sunrise with focus claims creative power for the day. Ben Franklin’s old parable ‘The early bird catches the worm’ is given a much deeper meaning through this understanding. In old England where this saying comes from ‘worm’ symbolizes a baby dragon. We catch the worm early while it is still small so we can train it. The opportunity is to focus impulses toward more clear and effective purpose. Dragon training lessons here ~

New Venus and the New Age

Every five hundred years the Phoenix dies in flames and is born anew from its ashes. An old world passes away and a new world is born. The return of Venus as Morning Star signals the flight of the Phoenix according to the ancient Egyptians. The Mayans call Venus rising Quetzalcoatl, the Egyptians know her as ‘Bennu.’

A New Venus cycle begins on March 27th just after the Spring Equinox. For four days before and after this date Venus will be invisible. During this time she is in the inner world being transformed before she appears in new guise in the morning sky. It is good to be quiet while Venus and our psyches are in for their makeover.

In ancient Sumeria, the myth of Inanna (the Queen of Heaven and Earth), describes the movements of Venus. As the Lady of the Evening, she is the goddess of Love; as Morning Star, she is the Goddess of Transformation who storms over the land.

A great renewal occurs as Venus rises fresh from the sea of our inner world. Renaissance comes to Middle Earth. East coast dwellers will see Venus rising from the sea before the Sunrise. Boticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ illustrates the beginning of each cycle when an angelic trinity (the Horae) come to clothe Venus as she rises fresh from the waters. Venus is grace, beauty, love, and creative powers of the soul.

In the larger view there are cycles of thousands of years best known of which are the zodiacal ages. Everybody has heard of the Aquarian Age, we’ve been on the brink of it for more than a generation. When does the Age of Aquarius begin?

The clues are in a 1960s song written for the musical ‘Hair’ :

“When the Moon is in the 7th house,
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the stars.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The Age of Aquarius

“Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!”

the complete lyrics are here

The song ‘Age of Aquarius’ was inspired in part by a Nostradamus prophecy:

‘Mars and Jupiter will be in conjunction,
Soon after a new king anointed
Who for a long time will bring peace to the Earth.’

Nostradamus Prophecies C6 Quatrain 24

On February 17th 2009 the Moon appeared in the 7th House as Mars and Jupiter were conjunct in Aquarius with the north node, a symbol of our evolutionary direction. Five planets and the Sun gathered in Aquarius for this new world beginning. In addition, Mercury in Aquarius was in ‘mutual reception’ with Saturn in Virgo while Neptune in Aquarius was in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces so the energies of the twin rulers of Aquarius were drawn into the mix.

The February gathering of planets in Aquarius signaled the beginning of a New Age that begins to flower as Venus rises before the Sun. It is interesting how the song Age of Aquarius was immediately followed by ‘Good Morning Starshine’ Good Morning Starshine
The earth says “hello”
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below.

Good Morning Starshine
The universe rings
With Milky Way music
Our blue planet sings.

‘Good Morning Starshine’ lyrics Jarvis Rado and Gerome Ragni © 1966

The New Venus brings new love, new artistry, a new creation. Venus also rules money. The economic order will be reformed properly following this New Venus. Those in the good graces of Venus will be in the right place at the right time to make the right connections to receive what is needed. Yoga, tai chi and other forms of body culture help release muscle tensions to allow more connection with the goddess of abundance. Freeform dance can also help balance and anchor new realizations. Another way to find favor with the love goddess is to rise early and catch her rays.

The Tarot card for Aquarius is the Star with her twin pitchers pouring out the Aquarian waters. A Phoenix is perched in a tree behind her. After a fiery death the Phoenix is reborn from its ashes at the dawn of the new time.

Many old world patterns have come up for releasing as the planets moved toward their rendezvous. This grand alignment brings opportunity for transformation of consciousness and world reformation. A new creation unfolds as the planets fan out over the next three years.

Of course we don’t expect the old age of Pisces to end and the new age to begin in an instant, everything takes time and how soon we make the shift depends on vibration. The New Dawn is here,‘the darkest before the dawn’ is over yet there is an interlude before the Sun will rise on this New Age.

In part, the Aquarian Age is about bringing the world together through rhythm, the rhythm of the drum and the rhythm of dance, rhythmic yoga breathing, the rhythm of ritual order in daily living, rhythm of the Moon, the rhythm of feet on pavement.

How soon we shift into the new world depends on how we tune, how we move to the beat of the heart of the mother, how we answer the calling of our own heart song.

Celebration is key. Whatever we appreciate grows in influence whatever we celebrate becomes reality.

‘When an old time is over and a new time is still dust not yet a star . . . everything is possible.’ ~ Barbara Barg

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