I have had a very difficult life both physically and emotionally. I am not crying about it but enough is enough. Is reincarnation mandatory? Spiritualists are divided, some think it is and others not. Some Spiritualists do not believe in it at all. I have had three NDE’s and I much prefer where I was and was bitterly disappointed when I returned to the physical. Any help that you could give me would be deeply appreciated. Sincerely, John

My understanding is that reincarnation is not mandatory but it is how you develop fully over time. Victoria

This is a question that really has no answer until one passes and goes to the other side. No one can really say for sure if reincarnation is mandatory, There are, of course, many opinions on this matter. Now as far as my guides have told me, No, it isn’t. You’re given a choice in front of council whether to come back or learn your remaining lessons there. I figure the soul’s thirst for knowledge and learning is what keeps us coming back time after time. Again the energy of Free Will always plays into all our choices and my feeling is that it applies to reincarnating as well. I hope that answered this for you. Blessings Jody

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