Every parent thinks their child is extra special, but the truth is that many of today’s children are indeed being born with some very special gifts.  And some of these gifts become obvious very early in a child’s life as these stories suggest.  While we urge parents to be noticing and encouraging of their children’s special gifts, we also discourage parents from attempting to label theirr children, or to push them in any specific direction with their gifts. Kids need time to be kids, no matter how gifted. Their gifts need time to evolve and grow naturally.

 On March 1st, 2008 I gave birth to a baby girl, Emerson Rose.  Before Emers was born, several different intuitives, and a 4-year-old girl, told me that I would only have 1 child in this life and that it would be a girl.  One psychic even went so far as to stumble over this child’s name, “do you know an Em…. Emma…. Emmy…. I can’t quite get the name, but I’m getting an Em or Emma or something.  Maybe Emily?” This was 3 years before she came to me.  At the time I loved the name Emily, but before she arrived all of my friends named their daughters Emily, so I abandoned the name.  Then, as Rich and I were trying to find a name, a friend of mine suggested a name from our “boys list” (Emerson) and a name from our “girls list” (Rose)….. Emerson Rose.  Rich loved it and so did I. It was the only one we could agree on…….so…….I feel as though she has been trying to tell me she’s been on the way.

Now that she’s here, in the little time I’ve had with her on this earth, she has exhibited some extraordinary behaviors.  She’s extremely sensitive to other’s energy, especially mine.  She knows how others are feeling and reacts to that.  She also has AMAZING eyes.  Sometimes she  looks at me and I feel like I’m being taken somewhere.  She is quite smart and sometimes she tells me things without fussing, whining, or even signaling.  I’m not sure how I knew what she needed.  I am quite sure she sees angels and when I at least attempt to play with them, she laughs and reacts.  She is fascinated with her hands and their movement.  She sings for hours as she plays. Her personality is VERY tempered and calm and happy.  We RARELY have an outburst from her.  I had an extremely easy pregnancy, birth, and so far she’s been NOTHING  like the horror stories I’ve heard from my friends.

I’m sorry to babble, but I just want you to have information on how she is…because I’ve read about indigoes and I stumbled onto something called Crystal Children.  I THINK Emerson is a Crystal Child in every way, but I am not sure.  I’m hoping that I’m not so in love with this child that I’m erroneously dubbing her with a pious labels. I want to know for sure.  Is there a way YOU can find out?  If not is there someone I can ask?  If she is, what should I do about raising her??? Your help would be appreciated. ~E

There is no way to say for sure… one day science will finally detect the changes in DNA that these little ones are bringing in with them…. and also, at such a young age, I am most reluctant to put labels on these kids… I have an interview coming up on our radio show with PM Atwater – the author of some very good books about these special children – look her up on the web.. she also discourages the use of labels… rather, stay focused on the now with this child, be present with her, noticing and observing… learn what you can about communicating with spirits and angels and being psychic so you can be prepared to support her as she matures…and in the meantime, do all you can to create a loving space around her so that she can do what she came here to do… make sure she eats well and has music and colour and laughter around her… respect who she is as she is and you will have done the best job possible for her… and try to take her a little for granted in the sense that you want her to accept whatever abilities she has as “normal” – in other words, don’t be surprised or impressed with what she can do, but honour it, accept it, support her by trusting and believing in her and the angels and guides around her. Hope that makes sense for you… you are so blessed!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have a son named Marv (which means “Miracle”) who turned 8 yrs old last Jan. 9.  His father, Conrad, and I are not married and don’t even live together.  Marv doesn’t know who his real dad is at the moment but he surely is a carbon copy of his dad.  He is quite intelligent also for he always receive an honor certificate every quarter in school.

I really find it weird that for several times I quarrel with Conrad, my son gets sick. Coincidence?  I’m not sure at all.

Last year, I was diagnosed to have an ovarian cyst.  I aked my son, out of the blues, to pray for me so that my cyst would go away. I asked him to place his hand in  my belly while he prays. After three months, my cyst was gone.

My father, who fell ill at the time, was hospitalized.  My son cried and prayed for his granpa to get well soon. After a series of tests, my Dad went out of the hospital with no findings at all from all the tests made.

Our pet dog ate something not good, got sick and he looks like he won’t make it through the night.  My son prayed for his pet dog to get well.  By the next morning, the dog was up as if nothing was wrong with him the day before.

Then last May 2007, Conrad underwent surgery for gall stone.  A month later, he underwent another surgery anf this time for brain tumor.  Before his 2nd operation, my son placed his hand on the head of his Tito Conn and prayed.  They were actually close  and that my son was really worried about him.  And almost daily, during bed time, Marv keeps praying for his dad’s recovery.  6 days after the open brain surgery, Conrad left the hospital with not much complications but recurring headaches which he was assured were normal.

I am not so sure but I think, my son has a gift of prayer.  Is there really such a thing?

7 months after, January 24,2008, Conrad and I had some misunderstanding of which he decided that it is time we move on our separate lives.  My son, who is not aware of what was happening, had slowly lost his  appetite.  I was afraid he might get sick again since I was aware of the precedence from the past. I gave him appetite stimulants to no avail.  Then Marv’s grades in school are starting to drop.  From a second honor certificate down to third honor for that matter.  He also got poor ratings from the national diagnostic tests given last February 2008. Last March 27, 2008, Conrad appeared after two months of separation.  It  was my birthday so he greeted me and had some bonding with Marv again.  They are really close, father and son.  Immediately the next day, Marv got back his appetite again.  I was so thankful that I even texted his dad that it was his presence that triggered back the appetite of his son.

I am just wondering now if there is a psychic connection between Conrad and Marv? I am really confused but I do feel there is that ESP bonding between father and son. Is there such a case same as mine?  Is my son really gifted? Joyce

Dear Joyce, yes your son is probably gifted, and yes there is a special soul connection between father and son…  Although I must point out that each of the incidents you mention could be onsidered co-incidental, there are too many co-incidences to ignore… I think it could be important for son to know who his father is, and for these two to stay connected…  I would also say that your son has more than the gift of prayer, but that he may have some very real healing ability in him… for now you just want to let him be a boy, but as time passes I would encourage you to get him involved in learning Reiki, and studying the works of some of the famous healers… Adam comes to mind, a young man with some amazing abilities, you can look him up on the web… Hope that helps some,, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thanks for the response.  I truly appreciate it. You just confirmed my long time hunch of connectivity between father and son.  I informed the dad, Conrad, about it and he shared with me his family background. With regards to the special gift my son have, I was told that the grandfather of Conrad,  who passed away about 45 years ago, was a known psychic healer from his hometown in Cavite.  His method of healing includes laying of the hands to a particular part of an ailing body while praying, plus “hilot”, which is some sort of therapeutic massage.  (The laying of the hands and at the same time praying is what my son usually do.)

Is there a connection concerning the special gift my son have now with that of his great grandfather? Is it hereditary?  I believe in reincarnation.  Is there a posibility of reincarnation here? Joyce

Yes, reincarnation is possible, but psychic abilities tend to be passed on through the generations so it is possible that your grandfather is acting as a guide for your son. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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