The Psychic Well

Meet us at The Well – the Psychic Well that is –
Your Metaphysical and Spiritual Learning Center!

At The Psychic Well you’ll find loving guides and 100’s of articles on being psychic, connecting with angels, spirits and spirit guides, practical magic, the prophecies and so much more… We are also building a terrific collection of ebooks to help you move along the path, and we have some unique mentoring and coaching services now available to you, along with exciting opportunities to learn about working with Magic or the Tarot or your Intuition… and there’s lots more to come, you’ll want to be sure to add to your favourites list!

The Guides at The Psychic Well want to help you:

  • overcome whatever obstacles or challenges that you face
  • attract the love you have been seeking – or the prosperity – or that perfect job
  • connect with your life purpose, or a more satisfying direction in your career
  • manage a difficult relationship or transition
  • achieve an important goal
  • get healthy, the holistic way
  • take the magical approach to self help
  • grow and develop as a psychic or medium – or as a person
To celebrate the launch of Global Psychics Resource Center, we are offering you a 25% discount on ALL of our mentoring, consulting, and coaching services – through our opening week (until June 4th). To claim the discount, place your order and when you get to the checkout, type the word opening in the discount field.

After 15 years on the web, it was obvious that needed a complete revamp… it had become confusing for visitors and we had developed compatibility issues with Internet Explorer which meant that we lost our position in the major search engines. I could see clearly that the site needed to be split… so we rebuilt the site on a much stronger platform and focused it on our reading work. With that move it became apparent that we also needed to rebuild “the back-end” of the system – we needed a larger server and more disk, and that upgrade pushed us into also upgrading our shopping cart. Phew! All that in the face of an intense Mercury Retrograde! But we made it, and the effort was worthwhile… so many of you have found our new Live Phone and Chat services and the PayPal express payment options in our shopping cart convenient and useful… and with the upgrades we were able to introduce some exciting new psychics, mediums and spiritual advisors to the team who brought with them some unique and very valuable readings and counselling services.

Once everything was working smoothly in our all brand new Global Psychics site, I needed a little time to catch my breath and catch up with other work, so we took a few weeks to let the new site settle in, and then Lisa and I got to work building The Psychic Well, loading it up with all of the content that was once a part of the old site along with some new articles that were waiting for a good home. This time our focus was on building a Metaphysical and Spiritual Learning Center, the place to come for answers to all of your questions about the psychic and the spiritual realms – and also Get Help – real guidance and loving guides to light the way along whatever path you have set for yourself.

At The Psychic Well, you will find all of the information and resources you need to get where you want to go – whether in life, or in the spirit realms…. in addition to the many articles on everything from being psychic to astral travelling, we shopped for some quality reading material – now you’ll find a growing list of ebooks that you can easily download – and we developed some useful psychic and spiritual development programs – online classes and a unique range of mentoring, coaching and consulting services.

Creating a comprehensive Metaphysical and Spiritual Learning Center also created the opportunity for us to open the doors to many other gifted authors, guides and teachers. We already have some of their material available on the site, have more “in the works” and now that the site is open, are actively seeking quality material, ebooks, classes, personal, psychic and spiritual development programs for you. If you have (or anyone you know has) an ebook or program that you want to offer through, email me at

Through The Psychic Well, Global Psychics reflects a deep commitment to our mission of making it easier for our clients to achieve their goals, whether they are personal or financial. We are committed to providing grounded, practical, yet insightful answers. Now, through The Psychic Well, you can easily access our expert guides, trained counsellors with insights, advice, mentoring and coaching services all focused on helping you attract the experiences that will enrich your life – and nurture your soul.

We are dedicated to our work, and so inspired by it that we are keen to inspire others….
Join us at the Psychic Well

Now We Really Need You to Give Us Boost!

We have been so intensely focused on site development that I have not been able to tend to marketing and revenue-generating… you have an awesome team of expert psychics and mediums now available not only for readings, but for guidance. And each memeber of our team is ready to get to work. Please help us launch the new site by placing an order either for a session with one of our guides or a reading.

There are several other ways that you can help us get moving again. You can:

  • Invite your friends by forwarding this announcement or by
    pressing any of the sharing links in the top right corner of every page on the site.
  • If you have a website or blog page, add a link to
  • Contact me ( if you have experience with web marketing, especially SEO – we need help with traffic-building.
  • Make a Donation – even a $5 donation helps right now!

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